Steamed whole fish

Simple Steamed Whole Fish with Tomato and Tofu (蕃茄豆腐清蒸鱼)


Steamed whole fish

“Simple Chinese Steamed Fish to be prepared at home in a flash of time”

Steamed fish is always the best diet for health and diet conscious diners which include, me. :)

Nothing really special for this steamed fish, but I had excessive tomatoes to go along with it. Healthier and more complete as 1-dish meal. The tomatoes also added zesty flavor to my steamed fish and made this fish dish taste more refreshing in a more natural way.

For choice of whole fish, choose sea watered Sea Bass instead of fish from fresh water, to avoid any chance of muddy taste in it. Or, choose any other whole white fleshed fish. Remember, it has to be real fresh!

1 medium whole Sea Bass, removed internals and scaled
2 medium red tomatoes, sliced
1 tube of silken tofu, sliced
5 – 6 slices of young ginger, sliced into stripes
Pinch of salt
½ teaspoon of grounded white pepper
½ teaspoon of chicken granule
1 teaspoon of Shao Hsing Hua Diao rice wine (绍兴花雕酒)

2 stalks spring onion/ scallions
Few cilantro/ coriander leaves
1 red chili, julienned

1) Rinse and pat dry whole fish with kitchen towel. Cut 2 deep slits each on both sides of the fish, at 1″ interval between two slits. Then, sprinkle salt on both sides and season fish with pepper and chicken granule.

2) Place whole fish on large serving dish. Put a pinch of ginger stripes inside the fish and underneath the fish. Then, place the rest of the ginger slices on the fish.

3) Arrange sliced tomatoes along the sides, surrounding the fish. Place the tofu on top of the tomato slices, along the sides, too.

4) Now, place the seasoned fish in the refrigerator till ready to steam. You may cover the fish with cling wrap while keeping it in the fridge.

5) When ready, drizzle Hua Diao rice wine on the fish. Then, place fish dish above water on a wire steaming rack in wok, or in a electrical steamer. Steam fish for 15 minutes on high heat. Heat off, remove fish from wok/ steamer. Garnish and serve hot.

1 portion of my steamed fish counts about 90kcal.

Tips: Serve steamed fish with 1 teaspoon of oyster sauce, if desired. Simple drizzle the oyster sauce on the fish before served.

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2 Responses

  1. Hey I love steamed fish done this way – I find the peppery Thai style steamed fish the most challenging though. Would you happen to have a recipe on that?

    Also on this recipe, maybe i never read properly… But would there be a specific kind of fish best suited for this? I like the Pomfret best, maybe because I am teochew. haha

    Derek Low

  2. Hi Derek,

    Not sure what’s peppery Thai style.. To me, Thai style is either sweet spicy or sourish spicy flavor.. I know how to cook these two styles but not peppery version though.. Sorry.

    Well, for this recipe. As long as it’s white fleshed fish will taste good.. Pomfret is good, too, but I have teowchew steamed pomfret recipe in my previous post which I think will be better to cook with, if using Pomfret. And, since your dialect is Teochew. :)

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