yu sheng lo hei

Yu Sheng Dish for Lo-Hey Ceremony (鱼生捞起)


“Yu Sheng, 鱼生 = 年年有余. Let’s have surplus year after year!”

Yu Sheng (Chinese raw fish salad dish) is my favourite festive dish. Last year, I have already blogged on Abalone Yu Sheng dish, and the right way to go about the topping (of each ingredient) & tossing for Lo-Hey ceremony.

I loved Yu Sheng, especially homemade kind. It’s so convenient to get the prepack ingredients in majoy supermarkets in Singapore nowadays. And even the prepacked shreded carrots & radish were sold in many supermarkets. Even raw fish was easily obtainable from wet market, Japanese stores (for raw salmon) in supermarkets, or like me, got a new type of smoke salmon slices in olive oil, specially packed for Yu Sheng dish available in major supermarkets. I got a packet from NTUC Fairprice Finest, costs about S$8, for more than 10 slices (see above pic). Taste of the smoke salmon in olive oil was great. It was not as briny taste as sual smoke salmon, but more moist with slight natural sweetness in it.

Simply gathering all the ingredients and arrange it on a large flat serving dish, you can have your Lo-Hey ceremony at home, anytime during the festive. I have done this 3 – 4 times at home in this Lunar New Year!

Beside using smoke salmon for the dish, I used also mock abalone to top the Yu Sheng dish due to vegetarian day on the 1st day of Lunar New Year (Chu Yi 初一). For more photos of the rest of my Yu Sheng dishes, please log onto my Facebook Fan Club!

Now that 15 days of Chinese Lunar New Year has officially ended this year. I am gonna wait for another year in order to enjoy this Yu Sheng dish again.. Anywa, hope we all ‘Lo-Hei’ (Get rich! Get successful)!

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