Ice blended Lychee drink

Ice Blended Lychee Juice


“Something simple to prepare at home to refresh and quench your thirst in the sunny afternoon.”

Really occupied recently, apologise if you have waited for me to update my blog.. As much as I wished to write better recipe for you, I was really tied up with my work and personal affairs. Please don’t mind, if I posted a simple drink recipe for today.

A icy fruity blended drink for the hot weather!

1 can of lychees, retained the syrup in can
1 cup of ice cubes

Utensil/ Equipment:
Eletric Blender

1) Divide lychees into 2 or 3 tall glasses, it should be about 5 – 6 lychees in each glass. Set aside.

2) Place ice cubes and one small cup of lychee syrup into blending container, cover with its lid, and shift to high mode to crush the ice. Stop blending, remove the lid to stir occasionally or simply remove the whole container from the base and shake vigorously for a few times, to loosen the compactness in the blender before starting to blend again till smooth. Divide blended ice into the tall glasses filled with lychees.

3) When blended ice is filled till 80% full in each glass, add more lychee syrup to make the glass fuller, if desired. Insert a coloured straw and serve.

A glass of ice-blended lychee drink counts about 120kcal.

Tips: It is not necessary to dilute the lychee syrup with water or soda in the glass-ful of blended ice.

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