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“How to poach a perfect egg? Here are the steps to obtain good egg poaching result.. And, I poach egg to make sandwich with cheese or egg Ben pancakes meals for breakfast or brunch.”

Eating poached egg is better than sunny-side-up egg, in a way, as you don’t need to add oil to cook the egg. I personally preferred poached egg for healthier diet choice as well as less hassle of cooking it. What you need is just a pot of water and vinegar to do the job without worry of resulting an oily stove or table top after cooking. :)

Poaching an egg is not a difficult chore, but some might need a few practices to get the poaching done perfectly and beautifully. A poached egg that considers good should have consistency of springy cooked egg white (without any remaining of raw albumen) and yolk should be soft with slight runny (but slightly harden around the edges), but the doneness of the yolk can be tailored to your preference, simply by adjusting the duration of poaching.

I think poached egg makes a good breakfast. Simply eat it with plain bread or make the Egg Benedict (see my Hollandaise Sauce, if wish to make Egg Benedict) for a good breakfast to start our bright day ahead! I made a poached egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast this time. Let’s see the steps and how to go about it.

For egg poaching:
1 large egg
Pinch of grounded white pepper
Just a touch of salt

1 pot of water, about 700 – 800ml
1 tablespoon of vinegar
A pinch of salt

For sandwich making:
2 – 3 slices of plain bread

1 slice of Cheddar cheese
Butter/ Margarine spread

For pancakes making:
Please click on my pancake recipe post

1) Heat a pot of water over medium-high fire. When boiled, reduce heat to low fire and bring to a gentle simmering. Add in salt and vinegar.

2) Swirl the simmering water real quick to create water tornado, and then, break an egg into the whirlpool. Hold on for 3 seconds to let the albumen set a little to cook and form initial shape, before stirring the water again (in gentle quick one-direction motion) to set the egg further, using the back handle of a metal spatula or a large fork to do it. Do not hit the egg while stirring to form shape and let it swirl together with the water for no more than 2 minutes.

If prefer firmer yolk, let it boil for another minute, before scoping up gently with a large slotted spoon, and place on a dish.

For sandwich or pancakes, you might want to drain it on kitchen towel on a flat dish instead.

3) Open-top Sandwich: Trim the edges of bread slices (*For more crunchy bites, toast the bread. Otherwise, just leave it plain). Spread butter on each slice. Place a slice of cheese on a slice of bread, and then, top with another slice of bread. Place poached egg on it, sprinkle white pepper and salt (just a touch of it using two finger tips). Serve.

It’s never too bland to eat the plain bread when you have a poached egg.

4) Pancakes: Simply top it on the pancakes stack. Pour on Holladaise sauce and drizzle some honey to compliment the egg Benedict.

A poached egg counts about 75kcal, while making it into sandwich with cheese, it counts about 330kcal.

Tips: Choose white wine vinegar for more premium taste, or simply use the Chinese white vinegar, if not particular.

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