Homemade Mango cake

Homebaked Mango Cake for Birthday Celebration

Homemade Mango cake

“Making of round-shaped Fresh Mango Cake as birthday cake.”

Homemade Mango cake
Cottony soft cake

I first baked this mango cake (in square shape) as ‘tea cake’ for meeting at the office. And now, I have readers who like to bake this the birthday celebration. I am sure this will be a good choice, for an easy baking, and yet, impressive enough to surprise and make the loved one happy!

So, I would like to share this mango cake, in a round shape this time, it tends to be more like a birthday cake. Yes, I baked this for special occasion. So, I am sharing the pictures of my round shape mango cake, just to give you an idea how your round shape mango cake will look like, as compared to the square one which I have posted previously, even though the recipe is the same.

See recipe here: Mango Cake Recipe

And, some photos of the round mango cake in steps:

Trim away the brown layer on top of the cake, for easier creaming and better mouthfeel later. May also trim away the sides, if desired.

Gently slice the cake, horizontally, into two layers. Place them on a flat surface.

Spread mango filling on a layer. Leave some space around the edges.

Place the top layer of cake on the filling.

Do the creaming now. Creaming will be easier, if you have a revolving cake base. Well, if you can’t smoothen it just like the professional work, it’s OK as it will covered up with mango slices and almond flakes, anyway (winking smile). Design the cake, as you wished.

As for my cake, I decorated it with thin mango slices on top (Just slice it with peeler). And, please get some toasted almond flakes to decorate the sides. Get a packet of almond flakes, off the shelves. Method: Toast flakes in oven at 150°C, for 8 – 10 minutes, before use (Watch out the toasting constantly, to avoid burning). Otherwise, leave the sides as it is, if creaming design preferred. Actually, you may also glaze the surface of mango slices with apricot gel, for more shinny effect. Get a small tub of apricot gel from baking supplier. Method: Mix 100 gram of apricot jam and 25ml of water in a saucepan and stir well until it is thoroughly blended and mixture is smooth. Boil for 10 to 15 minutes, and then, press boiled mixture through a fine wire sieve. Let it cool a little, and brush warm glaze over the cake.

Homemade Mango cake

Remember to get honey mangoes, really sweet ones. Otherwise, it will ruin the overall taste of the birthday cake. Choose more yellowish flesh for better looking appearance.

Homemade Mango cake

Well, it looked just pretty decent. Ok.. not perfect looking, but the taste of my cake was delicious! Mango was sweet, cake was soft, and cream was smooth and tasty.

I am sure this is simple enough to bake by your own at home, and good enough to impress and serve for an occasion.

Happy Baking!

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9 Responses

  1. Hi Patricia,

    I’ve juz started to bake & have tried your banana cake receipe because it seemed simple. I’ve tried twice & both times the sides n bottom of the cake always comes out burnt. Any advices?


  2. Different oven has different degree of heat speed. I guess you may reduce the temperature to 10 – 20C lower. You may require to bake it longer though, but it depends, do a check with toothpick or metal skewer to test its doneness.

  3. Thanks for the advise..I also liked n tried others of your receipes like Silky tofu w dried shrimp sauce, fried rice-java style,5 spice chicken stew etc & my husband liked them!

  4. Hello Patrica,

    Want to ask you, is it advisable to add the cake stabiliser whenever we bake a cake? or its just for sponge cake? Like if i make cupcakes, can I add abit of the cake stabiliser?? heehee :p

    Please advice.
    Thanks & Regards.

  5. hi there, am thinking of getting a new mixer. any good suggestions? may i ask which mixer are you using? cheers!

  6. Hi,

    Not really hv any suggestion as I find it’s mainly a personal preference and depends also on individual budget and frequency of use of it.. I am using just a decent brand less than $100 from NTUC Xtra hypermarket.

  7. great cake! I made a mango sponge cake for Father’s day. The cake was good but the mango taste was lost. Do you know any great mango extracts available?

  8. Hi Joyce,

    Get those mango essence off the shelves. I used the one from Bake King brand.

    Or, you may even wish to replace milk and water with mango juice in the recipe.

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