Hollandaise Sauce for Egg Benedict


‘Simple French recipe helps to create your perfect breakfast meal!”

Hollandaise sauce is a French sauce, and it’s commonly known to complement the eating of Egg Benedict (which consists of English muffin, poached egg, bacons and hams as toppings, and Holladaise sauce is a MUST for Egg Benedict).

This light creamy sauce has a mild flavour of buttery and eggy with a touch of refreshing lemony scent in the palate. It’s never too greasy to taste. Topping of Hollandaise sauce helps to enhance the overall taste of the plain poached egg, and with such combination, it creates a perfect mouthfeel for the palate.

To create such smooth and even taste, melted butter has to be added to the yolk mixture in stages. This process is essential, if you wish to reach the perfect texture of the sauce (*see details in Step 3).

In fact, this sauce can be topped on various food items, besides Egg benedict. Your strawberry crepe, ham waffles and chicken sandwiches will taste even better with Holladaise sauce! Use Hollandaise sauce to top on poached egg on the toasted French loaf slice was what we had the other time.. Hmm… How about top it on french fries or poached potatoes and steamed broccoli, then?! Can you imagine how perfect these combinations could be (smile)?

Try this simple making French sauce, and impress your loved ones with a great Egg Benedict breakfast meal soon!

Yields a large bowl of sauce, good for 8 to 10 toppings
1 block of unsalted butter (about 250gram), melted

4 egg yolks
1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar
Sprinkle of salt
Pinch of icing sugar


1) Melt butter in a sauce pan over low flame. When melted, heat off and leave aside to cool.

2) Boil a large pot of water over high heat on stove. In the meantime, use another bowl (smaller size) and mix egg yolks, vinegar and salt. Whisk to combine the ingredients well. When boiled, reduce heat to medium low fire, place the smaller pot of yolk mixture over the large pot of boiled water and continue to whisk the mixture vigorously till it turns creamy texture. (Or, you may use double boiler to do this step.)

3) Remove the creamy yolk mixture from the double boiling process. Now, you may need a helping hand from another person, to help you to add in melted butter in stages, while you continue whisking the yolk mixture vigorously, until well combined. Lastly, add icing sugar just right before the sauce is completely done. Ready to use the sauce for Eggs Benedict, or just the poached egg on toasted bread.

Hollandaise sauce is best to serve warm, not hot.

This sauce is, obviously, not any fat trimming sauce, from the fact that whole block of butter is used in the recipe. Expect a ‘topping’ of 100 kcal more to your calorie intake of the meal with 2 large heaping spoons of Hollandaise sauce used.

Tips: If you do not have any white wine vinegar, replace with lemon juice.
* Add sprinkle of sugar to it, if sweeter taste is preferred.
* If the sauce appears a little too thick for your taste, sprinkle some warm water and combine well, in last step.

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