Stir fried Rommaine with preserved beancurd

Stir-Fried Romaine Lettuce with Preserve Beancurd


Stir fried romaine with preserved beancurd

“Simple yet sumptious vegetable dish. Very easy to prepare!”

Today, I would like to introduce this simple yet delicious vegetable dish to you. Romaine lettuce, especially baby romaine lettuce, can be eaten raw, and is usually used in salad making. However, I am going to cook it, this time.

Just a few stirs with some simple condiments and side ingredients added, this decent baby Romaine lettuce dish can be served even in top-notch Chinese restaurants as their signature dish. Yes, it’s common, and Cantonese loves this dish. I’ve tasted and seen this dish cooking with many different types of vegetables during my vacation in Hong Kong.

200 grams if baby Romaine lettuce, wash and soaked for 15 minutes
2 cubes of preserved/ fermented soy beancurd, spicy or with sesame oil flavour (豆腐乳)
1 – 2 bird eye chili (chili padi), julienned
2 cloves of garlic, sliced
1 tablespoon of cooking oil

Sprinkle of sesame oil, added only if you are using spicy preserved beancurd with sesame oil flavour.

1) Trim Romaine lettuce leaves. Set aside.

2) Heat wok with oil over high heat. Add garlic, stir fry till fragrant and lightly browned. Also add chili padi when garlic is browning. Beware of pungency scent of chili added.

3) Add Romaine lettuce and stir fry for few seconds. Then, add in preserved beancurd. Briefly mash the beancurd when added, stir fry just a few seconds more to combine well. The vegetables is ready to dish up once turn darker green in colour. Serve hot with steamed rice.

A big portion of Romaine Lettuce dish counts about 80kcal.

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