Steamed egg

Cutie Bear Chinese-Style Steamed Egg (熊仔蒸水蛋)


Steamed egg with cutie bear

“Add a little bit of surprises to your usual steamed egg”

Seriously, it wasn’t easy to cook a perfect steamed egg dish, to me. It took me years to experiment this cooking. Even to-date, I had the egg steamed slightly too long at medium fire (should steam at low flame instead), caused slight imperfection on the presentation of my egg dish. The more runny (softer) texture you’re trying to achieve, the more difficult to have the egg smoothly steamed.. See, the surface was a little ‘uneven‘ and ‘bubbly‘ along the edges (sobbing)!

Well, I should at least comfort myself that the taste of my egg dish was good and likeable by my family. Texture of the dish was perfect, too. Not too dense, yet, not too watery. It was runny in the palate, with very smooth mouthfeel.

Serves 2-3
2 large eggs
180 ml chicken stock/ broth (or water or mixute of both)
½ teaspoon of sesame oil
½ teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon of sugar
Pinch of white pepper

½ teaspoon of Chinese Shao Hsing rice wine (or sherry)
½ teaspoon of light soy sauce (if using water instead of chicken stock)

Scallion/ sprin onion, julienned

1) Break eggs into a large bowl. Add in chicken stock (or water and light soy sauce), rice wine, salt, sugar and sesame oil. Use a fork, gently stir in only one circular direction till just well combined, and avoid creating any foam.

2) Thereafter, sieve egg mixture into a large ceramic bowl or deep serving dish. Add 4 to 5 pieces of bear-shaped Japanese fish cake slices.

3) Bring water to a boil in a steamer or a wok with steamer rack in it. Reduce heat to low flame, once boiled.

4) Place bowl of egg mixture into steamer or wok covered with lid, and steam for about 8-10 minutes, or until it turns smooth and firmer consistency as well as fish cake slices are set on its surface.

To double check its doneness, you may use the back of the spoon to lightly touch the egg surface. Steamed egg should be softly firmed. It might be felt a little runny, too, but not watery.

5) Remove steamed egg from steamer/ wok with gloves. Garnish with scallion. You may also sprinkle some sesame oil and white pepper, sparingly, before garnishing. Serve hot.

Be reminded not to steam the egg on high heat. And watch out the steaming time when it is about done as it is important not to over-steam the egg once the egg is set perfectly. To ensure smooth surface on the egg dish, it can’t even afford 5 minutes longer (unless it is at very low flame), like what I did, accidentally!

A serving of steamed egg counts about 50 – 70kcal.

Tips: If you like firmer texture on your steamed egg, or use medium eggs, reduce chicken stock/ water to 160ml.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Patricia,
    how did u manage to float the fishcake on top?? i tot they will sink when u put in? hee..

    maybe u can try follow this youtube method for chawanmushi, steam on high heat for 1min, then low heat for 10mins. I also covered the steamegg with aluminium to prevent the steam droplets dropping into the egg. it works for me :)

  2. Hi twinkie,

    The fishcakes were at the bottom before steam, but they will float up on the surface after steam.

    Thanks for your recommendation. In fact, I made another round of steamed egg, with aluminium foil covered on the bowl, and simmer at medium fire for 10 minutes. Then, unlid the bowl and simmer for another 2 min at low fire. It works, and resulted with smooth surface, yet, soft textured steam!

    I will post it some other time for you guys! :)


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