Cheese Scone

Cheese Scone


“Quick and easy Cheddar cheese scone recipe. Simple to make, delicious to taste!”

Cheese scone is imaginably quick and easy to make. You probably already have all the ingredients needed for making these palatable cheese scones!

I loved the fragrance of cheese yielded from these scones. Unlike those “rocky” ones selling at some bakeries, my scones were fluffy. Yes, light and airy (smile). The amount of cheese using in this recipe was perfectly measured for a pleasant, yet, not-too-strong cheesy flavour.

Quick! Rustle up a perfect tea time with this savoury treat!

250 grams of butter, semi-melted
30 grams of white sugar
1 medium egg (about 60 gram)
500 grams of self-raising flour
250 grams of fresh or skimmed milk (only 230 grams to be used in the recipe, save 20 grams to brush over scones before baking)
100 grams of Cheddar cheese, grated (I used Kraft brand)
Dash of salt (less than ¼ teaspoon)

1) Cream butter and sugar at slow speed for about 2-3 minutes, or until blended. Add salt and egg. Continue beating at slow speed to combine all ingredients. Stop beating, scrap the mixing bowl to dislodge any butter residue at the side and bottom of the bowl.

2) Combine grated Cheddar cheese with self raising flour. With low beating speed, blend in the cheese and flour mixtures in stages. Pour in 230 grams of milk immediately after mixing the flour. Beat till all well combined.

3) Remove dough from mixing bowl, and place it on a floured surface/ kitchen table top. Let (cheesy) dough rests for 20 – 30 minutes. Extensive kneading is not required here, just knead to form a dough will do.

4) Sprinkle some flour on the dough before rolling out to about 1 inch thick. Flour a round/ oval shape cutter of 1.5 inches in diameter (about half a palm size big) to cut out the dough. Remember to flour the cutter constantly and tap it sharply so that it goes through the dough, and shape the scones easily. Alternately, cut in squares with knife, and shape it round with bare hands, if you do not have any cutter at home.

Do not throw leftover dough away, gather the leftover to form a ball again and cut out as many scones as possible. Repeat step till all used up.

5) Place scones on a lightly greased baking tray and brush the top of each scone with milk.

6) Preheat oven for about 15 minutes. Place scones at middle rack and bake with 180°C for about 15 – 20 minutes, or until golden brown. When baked, leave scones on the tray to cool. Serve or store in a food container to consume later.

1 cheese scone counts about 140kcal.. Well, substitute the fresh milk with low fat milk does help to shed a little calorie intake. The same to Cheddar cheese (winking smile).

Tips: Cheddar cheese – you may get those grated cheese from supermarkets, or get a block of cheese and shred it at home.
* Milk – Any kind of milk can be used in this recipe. I used packet skimmed milk.
* Kneading of dough is not required in this recipe. Otherwise, it will turn hard when baked.

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