Cooking measurement

Metric vs Imperial Measurements


Cooking measurement

Measurements differ from country to country. I used most common units for Asia (Singapore) which might not be so familiar for some western countries. Even though minor variations in measurements won’t affect your cooking, but it’s good if the recipe you like comes with measurements you are familiar with.

As a resident in Singapore, we use metric more than imperial measurement. I had a reader, Ms. Pauline Pogue aka Cheena Bukit, requested me to use imperial measurements for the benefit of US readers. I would very much like to do so, but to flow my measuring of ingredients using imperial units might be a challenge to me. What I did for imperial measurement readers here is, to have a unit converter added in my blog, you may always convert my metric measurement using the converter next to my posts. Alternately, check the conversion of units from metric to imperial listed as below, just for your reference:

metric (grams) /imperial (ounces)

30 g / 1 oz
60 g / 2 oz
90 g / 3 oz
100 g / 3.5 oz
125 g / 4 oz
150 g / 5 oz
185 g / 6 oz
200 g / 7 oz
250 g / 8 oz
280 g / 9 0z
315 g / 10 oz
330 g / 11 oz
370 g / 12 oz
400 g / 13 oz
440 g / 14 oz
470 g / 15 oz
500 g / 16 oz (1 lb)
750 g / 24 oz (1.4 lb)
1000 g / 32 oz (2 lb)

Metric (mililitres)/ Imperial (fluid ounces)

30 ml / 1 fl oz
60 ml / 2 fl oz
90 ml / 3 fl oz
100 ml / 3.5 fl oz
125 ml / 4 fl oz
150 ml / 5 fl oz
190 ml / 6 fl oz
250 ml / 8 fl oz (1 cup)
300 ml / 10 fl oz
500 ml / 16 fl oz (1 pint – US)
600 ml / 20 fl oz (1 pint – UK)
1000 ml (1 litre) / 32 fl oz (4 cups)

1 teaspoon…… 5 ml
1 tablespoon……20 ml

Sometimes, I use regular drinking cup to measure serving of cups. It’s OK, but getting a proper measurement cup does help a lot in cooking. Get yourself a few measurement cups in various sizes and units. Some indicate imperial (US or UK) units of measurements, while others indicate metric units.

Those measurement cups which I got from NTUC Fairprice and Finest supermarkets cost about S$9 – 11 each. I spotted some cheaper ones in baking supplies shop, such as, Phoon Huat, where each sells at only S$3 – 4.

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  1. Thanks, PatriCa for the measurements. I only knew 1oz = approx. 30ml more or less but not the others. Sure it will be easier when follow recipes with the measurements

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