MasterFoods Meat Tenderiser powder

Meat Tenderizer

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MasterFoods Meat Tenderiser powder

“How to create tender bites of meat chops or tough cut steak?”

If your baked pork chops, grilled steaks or even fried chicken cutlets appeared too hard to chew, you need to tenderise them. Tenderizing is a process to break down fibers in tough meat to make it more springy and palatable for consumption.

There are two particular ways to tenderise slabs of meat. You may use the hammer-like meat tenderizer, or call it a meat mallet, to pound out the meat in order to soften its fibers making it tender.

Alternatively, make use of this natural food substance, Papain, an enzyme present in papaya, as meat tenderizer. It is widely sold in major supermarkets, mainly packaged as powdered meat tenderizer blend, which also consists salt, rice flour, sugar and another enzyme present in pineapple, named bromelain, to enchance the tenderising effect.

For thick cut of tough meat:
To ensure the powdered tenderizer penetrates nicely into thick cut of meat/ steak, lightly pierce meat with a sharp knife blade at 4cm intervals. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon evenly on 500 grams of meat. Allow to stand 15 minutes before cook.

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