Cooking measurement

Conversion of Cooking Temperature


Cooking measurement

Accurate temperature is needed in cooking and baking, especially with an oven. Some of us may be more familiar with temperature in degree Celsius while others prefer Fahrenheit. There are many using gas mark on their baking oven, too.

Just a short list on three common types of temperature unit, for your quick reference:

Cooking Temperatures:
Celsius / Fahrenheit / Gas Mark
Very slow:
120°C / 250°F / ½

150°C/ 300°F / 2

Moderately Slow:
160°C / 315°F / 2 -3

180°C / 350°F / 4

Moderately Hot:
190°C / 375°F / 5
200°C / 400°F / 6

220°C / 425°F / 7

Very Hot:
230°C / 450°F / 8
240°C / 475°F / 9
250°C / 500°F / 10

Small Notes:
For Oven
Oven should always be at the right temperature before placing the food in it to be cooked. If your oven does not have a fan, you may need to cook foor for a little longer. If preheating is needed, always preheat using the same temperature as cooking.

For Microwave
It’s difficult to give an exact cooking time for the microwave cooking. It is best to watch what you are cooking closely to monitor its progress. Use proper microwave proof ware.

Standing time
There are plenty of food continue to cook when you take them out of the oven or microwave. Take note if the recipe is stated with remark that the foods needs to stand after cooking, be sure not to over-cook the dish.

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