Super moist chocolate fudge cake

Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake

Super moist chocolate fudge cake
Bake this luscious chocolate cake to treat yourself over the beautiful weekend

It’s a chocolate cake. It’s a fudge cake. It’s a super moist cake. It’s heavenly rich & moist chocolate fudge cake.

I realized that I had plenty of milk chocolate bars in my kitchen pantry which were stored up for snacks over TV time, but they were just too plentiful that I had to find a way to reduce the inventory. I thought baking a chocolate cake, a milk chocolate cake, was a right idea.

Yes, this was my super moist chocolate fudge cake using confectionery milk chocolate bars to make. For the fact that milk chocolates (instead of baking dark chocolates) were used, it was ideally flavored. The richness of the chocolate was pleasant, not at all over-whelming. I wouldn’t feel repelled from having it in a big slice.

This cake was a big hit, and well-liked by my family and friends.


250 gram of self raising flour, sieved
50 gram of cocoa powder
260 gram of brown sugar
250 gram of milk chocolate bar, break into pieces
250 gram of butter, softened
200 ml of water
4 eggs
Chocolate glaze:
380 gram of semi-sweet dark chocolate (or milk chocolate), melted
150 gram of icing sugar
60 gram of cocoa powder
30 gram of butter, melted
30 ml of low-fat milk
1 – 2 teaspoon of cocoa powder for dusting (Optional)
Electrical mixer
8” cake tin

Melt milk chocolate and butter together with double boiler on stove over slow fire.
In the meantime, place flour, sugar and cocoa powder in a large mixing bolw. Add eggs and water into the dry mixture. Beat with electrical mixer with low speed for 1 – 2 minutes.
Stop beating, add in warm melted chocolate and butter mixture. Continue beating with medium-low speed (speed no. 2) for 6 – 8 minutes, or until it looks smooth and lightly foamy kind of consistency (you may test its readiness by scooping a spoonful of mixture, and it should adhere on the upturned spoon for at least 1 second).
Grease 8” square or round cake tin evenly using butter or olive oil, or you may line the non-grease paper sheet, if desired. Spoon cake mixture into cake tin
Preheat oven using 150°C (top and bottom heat on). Place cake tin at centre rack. Bake for 50min to 1 hour. Toothpick inserted to the cake should come out clean. Allow cake to cool on wire rack, for about an hour.
While waiting for cake to cool, let’s do the chocolate glaze frosting and filling: Combine melted chocolate and butter in a mixing bowl. Beat in 30g milk in stages, followed by cocoa powder and sugar. Slowly add in more milk (by teaspoon) to get the right spreading consistency while beating the mixture with electrical mixer, if necessary.
When cake is completely cooled, remove from tin and slice it horizontally into 2 – 3 layers. Then, sandwich the cake by spreading chocolate glaze on each layer of the cake before placing another layer on top. Thereafter, frost the entire cake in a thick layer and smooth it down evenly
Keep in the refrigerator for 1 hour to serve it chilled, as desired. Sift some cocoa powder on the top of the cake or dust a thin layer on the entire surface, dusting as decoration, just before slicing the cake to serve.

You may experience cracks on top of the cake towards the end of baking time, but it’s alright, its consistency will not appear overly dry, and it will be covered with frosting. Or, try to reduce the baking temperature by 10°C.

Store the balance chocolate frosting in the refrigerator for future use, if any leftover.

Many said that chocolate cake is difficult to make. I agreed. I remembered my first chocolate cake turned so chewy and later found out that I might have been over-beaten the batter during the process of mixing. However, the fact has turned round with this recipe where I mixed and matched from a few chocolate cake recipes online which has now been adapted into my own. Yes, no premix cake flour used this time. There were only common ingredients in this bake. To make it even simpler, I chose self raising flour instead of plain flour. If that’s what you preferred, simply add 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 1/4 of salt into thr plain flour of same amount. Go, give it a try now! :)

image[Post Note 2016]: Baked this cake again, but I did not layer the cake for chocolate filling in between (Step 7). Served it whole with chocolate glazing and strawberry roses on top. The chilled cake appeared a little denser than usual, but it all went well again with nice softness in its consistency just after 20s of reheating in microwave. So, no worries of refrigeration for easy storage. Voilà :)


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31 Responses

  1. hi,
    i somehow like more of a ‘chewy’ texture for cake. mind sharing the recipe of what you called a ‘failed’ recipe? =D thanks!

  2. This looks like it would be delicious with a molten river of ganache right down the middle. Overkill? Perhaps but there are worse things then death by chocolate. Thanks for the recipe! :)

  3. hey…
    1) can i replace brown sugar with fine normal sugar?

    2) if i were to use a heart shape tin, how do i do it so that the cake doesnt stick to the tin and can be easily slide out from the cake tin?

    all ur recipe is simple and easy to read/do…

    im thinking of something to do for anniversary but i’ve bought fanciful cupcake… so any suggestion? =P

  4. Hi Ying Ying,

    1) Yes, you may replace with normal white sugar.

    2) Just grease the baking tin evenly. Alternative, grease and line baking sheet on the heart shaped cake tin. Do not place ONE whole piece of baking sheet and try to even out the sides (laying whole piece on the entire cake tin) just like that. Cut out, separately, the bottom sheet and the sides (one sheet for each side) and line each sheet on the cake tin respectively.

    Hmm.. Anniversary? Congrats, first.. You bought cup cakes.. with decoration on it? If so, cannot do much with the cup cakes.. To bake another cake is uncessary, too… Perhaps, you may cook a nice western meal for a candle-lit dinner at home instead of eating out, since you have already gotten cup cakes as dessert? Or, make special breakfast for your loved one.. Who says Anniversary celebration must be in the evening?! :D

  5. hahahah oh yea!!! thanks for the recommendation!!!! breakfast!!! =P
    good idea… becuase i have my cake/cupcake settled… dinner settled too… so maybe breakfast is the best option =P
    because im very tempted by this chocolate fudge cake and the non baking cheese cake!!! my guy love cheese cake… =P
    humph any recipe for a handmade yummy breakfast? =P

  6. Go check out recipes under my label “Snack”.. You may find good idea there.. Beside pizza bread, another option is the french toast in cute shapes.. Just get the heart shape mould from NTUC Fairprice to do these recipes.

    If you guy really loves cheese cake, you should try my steam-baked yogurt cheesecake. It tastes fabulous!

  7. Hello Patrica,
    does using either salted or unsalted butter makes a difference to the taste of the cake? I always use unsalted butter for baking cakes. The milk chocolate can be any brand from NTUC…correct?
    I tempted to try this chocolate fudge cake this weekend …. ;-)

    Thank you once again for all your valuable advice!

  8. Hi Anne,

    I am so happy that you take your time and effort in trying my recipes. I am so very delighted to know it.. :)

    Let’s see your questions.. Hmm… There will be difference in using salted and unsalted butter, usually we use salted butter, unless otherwise stated, for like in cheesy bake that uses unsalted butter. However, you may try using your unsalted butter, who knows it might turn out even better??

    Yes, you may use any brand of milk or semi dark chocolate (depends on how sweet taste of your cake you want, too). Some told me to use cooking chocolate which they think is better, but I insist on using milk chocolate in this recipe as I think it tastes very much a creamy chocolatey chocolate cake with milk chocolate. Not sure if you understand or agree with me, but just try it with my recipe first, and then, you may slowly adapt it to your own version or preference in due. You may find it more exciting that way. :)

  9. Hi Patrica,

    The recipe ask to add 200g of water…this is the first time i see water added in making cake….
    What happens if milk is added instead of water?
    Thank you once again for your valuable advice.

    Best Regards,

  10. Hello Madam,

    Tried this recipe of yours , had a problem with it.I used a Gas Oven preheated at 150 degrees both top and bottom. The cake started to bulge and within 15 min i inserted a toothpick and it came out clean , so i removed it and allowed it to cool.

    The result was that i got a cake which was not spongy :( outer crust hard and inner was not completely cooked. secondly i also whisked the mixture for 6-8 min though i dint get a foamy mixture , will that make a difference. do tell me if i had made any mistake.

  11. Hi Nafisa,

    Hmm.. I think that’s the reason for the result of your bake. Beat till foamy consistency is essential for getting good baking result. Beat longer till getting the right texture.

    You may also lower the oven temperature or off the top heat and use only the bottom heat for extended baking time after the usual baking time required.

    Apologize as I am really not sure where went wrong for your baking unless I personally see the whole process. Hence, these are what I could advise you for now.


  12. hey there! i would like to ask if its alright to use a 10 inch square baking pan. will the cake go wrong? i know it would be slightly thinner, which is my goal. And i would like to know what brand of chocolate did you use?:)

  13. Hi Food Addict A.,

    No problem using slightly bigger or smaller or even different shapes of baking tray. It is ok but the size and height may vary, like what you have anticipated. :)

    I used cooking/ baking chocolate from Hersey brand or Van Houton brand, usually. I also used Royce chocolate bar to make this cake once, actually. Taste was equally good.

  14. Hello Patrica,

    Happy 2014! Can I replace 250g butter with oil n 250g milk chocolate with dark chocolate. To my understanding oil will moist the cake better then butter. Is it true? Hopefully, this chocolate fudge cake will be successful. Was unsuccessful several trial. ( too dry n hard). Thank you n looking forward for your advice!

    Mrs Chua

    1. Hi hi,

      Happy New Year 2014.

      I think you may replace butter with oil. You have your reason… However, I am really not so sure about how much oil you should use as I did not try it before. Perhaps you gotta try out again…. But my suggestion is to use only 100ml of oil for 250g of butter instead of equal weight. It’s purely by my logic, have not tried before and no full knowledge on such yet.

      And, yes. milk chocolate may be replaced with dark chocolate of the same amount.

      Hope my answers help, but do keep me update?


    2. Hi again,

      By the way, my cake with butter is truly moist and soft enough which replacement of oil just for this moistens reason is not really necessary, in my recipe. So, if it is not medical reason, why not just follow my recipe instead? Think about it ya… :)

  15. Okie I will follow your recipe using butter. Will update you soon! Btw, are you staying in Sg? If yes, do you conduct classes?

  16. Hi PatriCa,
    Sooo disappointed again my chocolate cake did not turn out well. Not moist n soft texture like Kueh instead. Can it be I did not beat till foamy ( what do you mean foamy? Pls) scoop a spoonful like runny mixture rather den foamy. But I did beat till 6-8 mins. Bake more than an hour too.pls advice!! Thanks!

    Mrs Chua

    1. Hmmm…. Yes, I understand what you mean like rubbery/ doughy kueh texture…..

      Would be too watery though…..

      First, yes, you may mix the butter and sugar till foamy. Butter shd not at room temperature. HOWEVER, do not over mix the flour mixture. After adding flour, mix moderately. You may even reduce the blending time once you found that the flour batter mixture is even. Also, it is definitely too much liquid. I am not sure where go wrong, but perhaps you may just reduce the milk/ water adding. The final consistency of your batter shd be runny with a little bit of resistance when you try to scoop and pour down, and not flowing like water…

      I will bake a chocolate cake and review this recipe again when I am free, and Dahl, give you an update to it. No worries.

      Hope your chocolate cake will be a success the next time you try!

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