Banana cereal

Breakfast Cereal with Banana Slices


Banana cereal

“My Favourite Breakfast Cereal”

I love breakfast cereals!

All kinds of breakfast cereal, from cold whole grain cereal to hot porridge oat.

Breakfast cereal is usually eaten cold mixed with milk.

Of all kinds and brands, I prefer Post Selects brand, particularly Banana Nut Crunch Cereal.

I loved the generous amount of real banana and nut crunches found in the multi-grain clusters which are exceptional delicious. The existence of this sweet crunchy banana crunch eliminates the dullness of having “just another breakfast cereal”.

For weight-watcher:
I took breakfast cereal frequently for weight watching purpose. I loved Banana Nut crunch flavour, but I did also switch my choice to Blueberry flavour once in a while, it’s because Blueberry Morning has lower calorie count, and yet it’s equally delicious and flavoursome.

A cup of Banana Nut Crunch flavour (59g) contains 240kcal, while Blueberry flavour counts 220kcal, before adding milk. Moreover, this whole grain cereal is free from trans fat!

For Pregnancy Plan:
Now, it has even greater value for those who wants to conceive to eat it more often. Frequency of having it changed from weekly to alternate day. Why? It’s because cereal meal helps in conceiving baby boy, according to an article! Yes, but I don’t quite believe, but no harm trying? Its nutritional values in vitamin A, vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Iron, Folic Acid, and other minerals, in fact, very favourable to women, not to mention it’s beneficial to those planning for a baby. Indeed, very healthy.

You will get 23 grams of whole gain per serving and there is also no Trans fat for you dieters to worry about consuming. One cup of Cranberry Almond Crunch and it will fill you up for hours and keep you going at least until lunch time!

As for my preparation of breakfast cereal with Post Selects, I eat not just the ready-to-eat cereal mixture with low fat milk. I topped the fresh banana slices on it.

1 medium cup of Post Selects Banana Nut Crunch Cereal (59gram)
1 small packet of low fat milk (100ml)
1 wedge of fresh banana, sliced

1) Pour whole grain cereal into a serving bowl.

2) Add in chilled or room-temperatured low-fat milk.

3) Top with banana slices. Ready to serve.

A bowl of breakfast cereal provides you a full healthy breakfast to start your great day. Such a full breakfast shall last you till late noon before lunch meal. Yet, it’s never a burden to your weight.

Post Selects cereals are so widely available in supermarkets. A box of 440 grams costs about S$5.80.

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