Scramble egg

The Perfect Scrambled Egg, at Australia Dairy Co (澳洲牛奶公司)

Scramble egg
Look at the flawless scrambled egg…. It’s simply enticing!

“The perfectly moist scrambled egg “

Came back from my holiday in Hong Kong & Macau just not too long, already miss the city and good food there! Feeling nostalgic, I would write and share my enticing food journey over the vacation. ~

We found this cafe during our online research on more yummy food in Hong Kong before our trip commenced. Noted that this Australia Dairy Co (澳洲牛奶公司), located at 49 Parkes St, Kowloon, Hong Kong, was lauded as the best breakfast place serving the perfect scrambled egg, I was really hyped up by the fact that I would get to taste it real soon.

The much-glorified scrambled egg served with two half-sliced thick toast is the way to a fulfilling breakfast meal.

Scrambled egg in Hong Kong is also known as Fried egg. When you place order, tell the cafe server that you want 炒蛋 – Chao Daan (fried egg). For sunny side up or over easy egg, say 煎蛋 – Jiin Daan (pan-fried egg), instead.

Look at the scrambled egg, its consistency was at its perfection. Neither too dry nor over runny, it was within its flawless touch. Yes, irresistibly good to eat at any point of time.

Please eat this with minimal accompaniment, it does not need any, in fact. Just sandwich it between the toasts will do, or eat it on its own.

Varieties in set menu. To save some bucks, order from the set menu. Yes, start your day with a nice warm breakfast, but it comes with the price of complete chaos and over-crowding scene.

Go to Hong Kong, Kowloon side, near Jordan MTR station. Start your great day off with a nice warm breakfast set. Other than the much glorified scrambled egg, their macaroni soup with ham stripes was another popular item here. Having said that, please be reminded that table sharing was certainly needed during peak hours.

For more precise direction to get there:
Click on: My Note Book on The Web. It provides you with full and exact details on how to get to there, easily!

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  1. I love their steamed milk and scrambled eggs too. This is absolutely one of my ‘must eat’ place in Jordan. Another one is 麥文記麵家 Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop next door. I like their 鮮蝦雲吞麵 and 南乳豬手

  2. Yes, I knew that, too! But due to time restriction, we can’t have Mak’s noodles. In fact, Sweet Dynasty 糖朝 at TST has good noodles and porridge, too! We had not enough time.. so sad… But its ok, I will go again! Forget to tell you, I love HK!

    And… I have not posted my desserts yet, actually.. Do check it out where I had my dessert! :D

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