Mui Kee Hong Kong

Silky Smooth Congee for Breakfast in the Winter

Rice porridge, also known it as Congee

“Comforting breakfast during the winter season, this pipping hot & silky smooth porridge from Mui Kee Congee (妹記), is one of the best.”

Came to know the delicious congee stall, Mui Kee, also from a TVB programme that we happened to watch before our Hong Kong trip. Hence, we added it into our itineries, thinking to give it a try when we were there.

The location of the congee stall was convenient to us as it wasn’t too far away from our hotel in Kowloon area. However, the direction to get there wasn’t explicit, we had quite a hard time to locate the building where the congee stall was. From the published address, we knew the building as 市政大厦 (Municipal Services Building). When we tried to ask for direction, no one seemed to know which building we were referring to. Perhaps it was termed differently by the residents. Wandering around the vicinity, we finally met a good folk who was able to guide us to the right direction.

Upon arrival, we spotted a signboard of the building stated its name as 花园街街市 (Fa Yuen Street Wet Market). Hmmm… Anyway, hawker stalls were located on the 3rd level (written as 4th level in Chinese). It was above the wet market.

Its velvety consistency makes the abundant side ingredients ever more scrumptious

There were many options of sides to go along with the same goey rice porridge base which made them the Cantonese-style congee. My favourite sides? Always the pork balls or fish slices. Having said that,  I thought they were not special as the oriental flavor, 及第粥 (‘Scholar’ Congee).

This ‘Scholar’ congee was added with assortment of sides including some pig offals. Mui Kee served it with some hand-made meat balls and loads of pork livers and lean meat. And they had my both thumbs up!

The velvety consistency smoothed its ways down from my throat to stomach. It warmed our body up early in the chilly morning.

If you are a fan of congee, this is the place to go.

皮蛋瘦肉粥 (Century egg and lean pork meat congee). This century egg pork congee was seemingly more aromatic and distinctive flavored. It was claimed the most delicious congee!

To me, the best accompaniment to Canto-style congee had to be the fried dough (油条).  Just  couldn’t do without the pairing. At Mui Kee, fried dough comes optional. You have to order it separately at HK$6 for a pair of fried dough.

Though it wasn’t crowded at the stall when we were there in a weekday morning, Mui Kee seemed to be well known to the tourists. I said that because we noticed that their menu was written in multi languages, including Japanese. Just hazarding a guess. :)

Mui Kee Congee (妹記生滾粥品) is located at Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok.

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