Milo Banana bread

Great Milo Banana Sandwich for Your Children


Milo Banana bread

“Great sandwich breakfast to start off the great day”

This sandwich recipe is great, and high in nutritional values. Its filling e.g. banana, contains numerous nutrients such as Potassium which helps in promoting bone health. Banana acts as energy booster as well as an aid to youthful growth and metabolism. The Milo powder (Malted cocoa powder) used in this recipe is enriched with Vitamin Bs. Another form of energy booster.

This sandwich is an excellent breakfast for younger children, teenages and sportmen. Calorie count of this sandwich is about 180kcal.

It is very quick to prepare. What you need is just 5 minute in the morning to get it served.

2 slices of white bread
1 wedge of banana
1 tablespoon of Milo powder (Milo: a milk beverage with chocolate and malt, produced by Nestlé and originating from Australia)
1 teaspoon of butter/ margarine

1 teaspoon of condensed milk

1) Cut the edges of breads. Spread a thin layer of butter or margarine on bread.

2) Slice banana, and layer on 1 bread. Sprinkle Milo powder on top of the banana slices. Condensed milk as dressing to be topped over banana slices and Milo powder, if desired. Place 1 bread tops over fillings. Serve.

If you prefer something warm and crispy, make this sandwich a toasted one. I personally prefer toasted version. The bread became crispy, and the heated banana turned soft and warm in the palate.

To make toasted sandwich:
3) Follow the above 1) and 2) steps.

4) Place whole sandwich on the bread maker. Serve warm when it is ready.

The toast sandwich is best to consume it warm. It can be served as snack or tea time.

Tips: Add some condensed milk, if desired. Tops over banana and Milo powder, before placing another bread. Taste will be even better with some condensed milk.

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  1. wah sounds heavenly for children but I wouldn’t eat it myself!



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