Club Med, Bintan Ria

Wine & Dessert in Club Med, Bintan Island


“Dessert & Wine @ Club Med, Bintan Ria”

1)Green Tea & Macadamia Nuts Cake. This luscious cake was so delicious with its pleasant sweet taste and fun’nutty’ texture in between. Its mild green tea flavour elevated the overall. It was definitely a good treat after heavy meal.

2) Tri-Colour Mousse in the Glass. It was made with 3 layers of mousse, vanilla  strawberry and chocolate. The texture of the mousse was so velvety and light-bodied. Its pleasantly sweet taste was certainly a plus point in making the glass a very popular dessert choice.

3) Look at the Banana Chocolate Cake at the side of the Mousse Glass. It might not look as appealing as it supposed to be, but this banana chocolate cake was deceptively great. Not a ‘spongy’ kind of cake, this fudge was something to go for, for a die-hard chocolate lover.  Of course, chocolate and banana, were meant for a perfect marriage. :)

4) Just some house pour from Australia. This light-bodied white wine was pleasant, and very easy for the throat, good to drink especially for wine beginners. What I would like to highlight here were those dainty light bites which great to nibble along. Yeah, these crostinis were topped with mousse cream with herbs, and caviar in minced crab meat.

5) I am not a good drinker, but if you asked me, I preferred Moscato. If not available, rosé would be my second, simply for its feminine pinkish colour making it so romantic and elegant for the ladies. :)

By the way, the wines were served to your table, by bottle. All to yourself. :)) *Updates: It wasn’t the case anymore in my latest trip in 2016. It was served upon request. 

6) My welcome drink served at the reception while watching a traditional dance performed by the local dancers.

7) Some refreshing fruits  on skewer? Don’t forget to also take a look on these the skillfully carved watermelons.

Those above were only part of the food and drinks I had in Club Med, Bintan. Of course, there were plentiful, still. I must had been having so much fun & food till forgotten about taking photos. Well, it would be a good excuse for me to make a return trip, then. :D

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