Stir-fried Assorted mushroom

Stir-fried Assorted Asian Mushrooms


Stir-fried Assorted mushroom

Assorted Asian Mushrooms, Simple, Delicious & Healthy!”

Hey! Thanks to my site reader, Pei Ying, for using my recipes for cooking in her home econ lessons! I was happy to hear that, and she motivates me to think more dishes for her future home-econ classes…

Hmm… I think home econ cooking has to be at least basic, balance nutrients, rather simple to cook and creative. Or, am I thinking too complicated (laughing)?!

Well, be it cooking for home dinner, or for your home econ lesson, try this mushroom recipe. It’s simply flavoursome! This dish has most of the above criteria, not just that, it is very delicious and compatible to eat with just a bowl of hot steamed rice.

Anyway, most of the edible mushroom species are high in fiber and provide vitamins such as Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, and minerals such as iron, selenium, phosphorous and potassium. It is good to have mushroom in our diet.

This mushroom dish is good as vegetarian dish, too! Simply replace the oyster sauce with Vegetarian mushroom sauce, and also forgo the chopped garlic, if you are on strict-vegetarian diet, or for religious purpose.

The preparation and cooking time of such is relative short, too! You may have it ready within 15 min altogether!

See below:

1 bowl of Shimeji mushrooms i.e. a group of fresh Asian mushrooms which consist of:
enokitake aka golden needdle mushrooms, trimmed and cut away root edge
buna-shimeji mushrooms,
bunapi-shimeji mushrooms,
king oyster mushrooms, thick sliced, and
shiitake mushrooms, thick sliced.
3 – 4 white button mushroom, thick sliced
½ cup of canned button mushroom, whole
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 slice of ginger, sliced into strips
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce (or vegetarian oyster sauce)
1 tablespoon of Shao Hsing Hua Diao Rice Wine (花雕酒)

Sprinkles of sesame oil
1 tablespoon of water
1 teaspoon of vegetable oil

1. Heat oil in wok over high heat. Place garlic and ginger, stir-fry for 30 seconds, or until fragrant.

2. Reduce heat to medium fire. Add mushrooms, sprinkle some water, and stir fry for 1 min.

3. Add in oyster sauce, rice wine and sprinkle sesame oil. Stir well, for another 1 min, or until ingredients are tender. Heat off. Serve with hot steamed rice.

Low-caloric mushroom dish, it counts less than 100kcal for a regular portion.

Tips: Sprinkle 1 more tablespoon of water before adding seasoning, if the mushrooms are too dry, or more sauce preferred.
*Get a packet of pre-packed Shimeji mushrooms (assorted fresh Asian mushrooms pack.. see picture on right) which available at most of the large supermarkets and hypermarkets. Look around at Vegetables or Organic Food section.
*Increase the amount of oyster sauce if more salty taste preferred.
*Use vegetable mushroom oyster instead, if cooking as vegetarian dish.

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