Green Mung Bean and its Nutritional Benefits

Green bean

“Green (Mung) Bean offers best health benefits”

Green bean, is also famously known as Mung bean (Chinese translation: 绿豆). Its husk is green in colour, with yellow flesh when dehusked. It is low in fat, and high in its nutritional value. Whole green bean is solid, when it is raw. It takes hours in boiling to turn soft and fluffy.

Green bean claims to be a perfect slimming food. Some eat it as dieting food or food replacement in their slimming program. Not only it is low in fat, green bean is also a rich source of protein, and fiber which enables one to lower the high cholesterol level in body system. The high fiber in green bean yields complex carbohydrate which improves digestion. Complex carbohydrate helps to stabilize blood sugar in our body by preventing rapid rise after meal. It keeps our energy at an even level. Frequent consumption of green bean is beneficial to diabetes and one who suffers from high cholesterol level.

Seeing so much of its value, I feel like boiling a pot of green bean soup now! A bowl of nice hot sweet green bean soup may reward my taste bud as well as stomach. Of course, to my family, and to you, too!

I know it’s surely delish and enjoyable, at anytime!

3 thoughts on “Green Mung Bean and its Nutritional Benefits

  1. noobcook Reply

    I love love love green bean soup! It’s the perfect dessert for the warm weather. I’ve posted a green bean soup recipe b4 at my blog ;)

  2. Wendy Reply

    I cook green bean soup when I felt heat in the body or eat too much toxic food. I just cook one bowl today @ :)

  3. Evita Reply

    I love mung beans – just recently started to sprout them! They are so yummy!

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