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“Block Party for the Singapore Residents”

No cooking tonight. I was helping out the MP’s Block Visit this evening, followed by a Resident Block Party, with food and fruits. During the block visit by MP, I acted as the writer, to jot down feedback and requests raised by the residents addressing to certain government department, e.g. HDB, Town Council, LTA, and etc.

MP, a Member of Parliament, is a representative elected by the people voters of an electoral district to the parliament. In Singapore, MP usually conducts Meet-the-People session once a week and/ or a house-to-house visit will be scheduled within his/ her constituency every now and then. The RC, Resident Committee, of its estate will also organise block parties/ activities for the residents.

House-to-house visit and block parties are some of the benefits and entitlements to the people in Singapore, both the HDB and private estates. However, many youngsters perceive block parties or any other resident activities organised by the RC are events that meant for only the old folks or “aunties”. In fact, it is not the case. The purpose of having block parties is to promote harmonization of your neighbourhood area. Residents get to enjoy food and entertainments at a nominal fee of less than few bulks each time. For some enjoyments that way exceeded the ticket charges in return. A chance to know your neighbours better!

Durian feastThis evening, the residents of the block which visited by the MP, were being invited to join a unique Tropical Fruits Block Party at the void deck, after the House-to-House Visit. It’s FOC this time, particularly for residents of this block.

The usual block parties which RC has organised were buffet catering with some entertainments such as performance, magic show and lucky draw. This time was a little unique. It was a fun fruits-eating party. Besides some simple food catering, our RC team bulk ordered 3 kinds of tropical fruits, i.e. durians, rambutan and longan. Free flow of tropical fruits! Every residents were to be seated at some round tables full of these three fruits. All enjoyed eating while some were happily singing karaoke songs.

Perhaps, many of us preferred to relax at home. Even myself, if I am not from the RC team, I might just choose to stay home with my family. However, now that I knew RC activities are something we should try to experience as Singapore residents, I recommend more people of all ages, to join one, if there is any within your estate. At least, extend a warm smile to the committee members who voluntarily serve your residence area, when they come to you next time.

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  1. i also just started to appreciate the resident committee’s activities. our MP visited us last month and did lots of officiate opening around the estate.

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