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Lea & Perrins® Worcestershire Sauce


Lea & Perrins“Lea & Perrins’ sauce adds extra flavor to my meaty recipes”

Lea & Perrins’ worcestershire sauce was founded in year 1835, it was from Worcester.

The taste of this dark sauce made of vinegar with some special seasonings. It’s not so salty or sweet, but pleasant sourish taste.

My main use of this condiment is for meat and poultry recipes.

By adding drops of worcestershire sauce, it gives extra flavor to the dish expecially meaty one.

Instead of using oyster sauce and soy sauce to marinate your pork chops, try using just the worcestershier sauce. Some use it to marinate steaks as well.

As for me, I use it to fry my chicken cubes, too. It brings up the fullest essence of the dish, by drizzling just a small amount to my cookings.

If you are not keen on meaty recipes, try this condiment for salads. Mix vegetables with 1 tablespoon of the sauce, it give a kind of refreshing taste. And, it’s much lower calories as compared to Mayonnaise or Thousand Island cream!

Calories intake? 1 tablespoon of worcestershire sauce counts 11 kcal with 0 fat, while Mayonnaise counts 49 kcal where 44 kcal came from fat for 1 tablespoon.

This sauce is available in most of the supermarket or grocery sauce.

That’s my recommendation, for your reference.

You will see some of my recipes using it. Try one!

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