Sweet potato ball

Taiwan Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls


“My favorite snack, the fried sweet potato balls on skewer. “

$, $2 for 4 balls

I remembered that deep fried sweet potato ball stalls were easily found on the street side, when I was young. However, these local snacks were tapering out in this urban city.

There was a stall, The Sweet Potato Place, newly opened at Level 1 in Thomson Plaza, selling Taiwan sweet potatoes and some concoctions.  When I first visited the stall, these sweet potato balls did not really catch my eyes. What had enticed me was the deep-fried sweet potato spring roll ($2 for 3). This light bite looked really appealing to me for the fact that it was filled with sweet potato.

So why not the whole sweet potato by itself? Yes, I wanted to try it very much, but there wasn’t any right time to eat it right after lunch. I wouldn’t want to keep it till cooled for tea break, too.

Well, I did have a chance to try some small bites of the sweet potato given out as free tasting. Yes, I liked their sweet potato. Alright, maybe next time. :)

As for now, it was the sweet potato balls that I couldn’t resist! I had the sweet potato from my colleague who in exchange got my spring roll during our barter session. That was the time I realised I was having the dainty light snack which I longed for.

Yes, not the regular sweet potato ball. The sweet potato ball was filled with mashed purple-flesh potato in the middle. The crust and the outer layer of sweet potato were spongy while the purple filling was soft and sweet, giving a uniquely contrasting consistency in the palate. It was distinctively yummy.

This sweet potato ball was made with the right sweetness where its sweetness mainly comes from the natural sweetness of the main ingredient, sweet potato.  And the size of this ball was made bigger than usual, slightly bigger than a ping-pong ball. I still thought it was too little to satisfy my craving!

Well, if possible, I would like to eat this everyday. :)
Calories intake of such? About 100 kcal for 2 fried balls.

It’s just my personal preference. Give it a try, if you happen to be in this area.

**[Post Note] – The stall had already closed down, since 2009.

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