Need Better Digestive System? Acidophilus, the Good Bacteria, is the answer.

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“L. Acidophilus – a friendly bacteria to our body system”

I take L. Acidophilus powder on regular basis to prevent indigestion or bowel disorder. Most importantly, it helps to improve absorption of the nutrients into my body. Its health benefits are too great to list out.

Let me name a few of its benefits… L. Acidophilus boots up our immune system. It prevents indigestion and diarrhea. When we have good disgestive system, it naturally helps to improve our skin and complextion (smiling). L. Acidophilus provides great benefit to woman’s health, too. It decreases the frequency of getting yeast infection.

L. Acidophilus is introduced as friendly bacteria which occurs in our gastrointestinal tract, mouth, and vagina. However, it can be killed by excess heat, for instances, heat produced during food digestion in our stomach, and hence, it’s best to take acidophilus 1 – 2 hour after or before meal. It also killed after a course of anti-biotic treatment. So, it is recommended to be taken to recolonize the gastrointestinal tract.

Check out the pharmacy or nutrition retail shops. It’s available in capsule, powder and liquid form as a nutritional supplement. Yogurt drinks like Vitagen or Yakult are ones of those which contain such probiotics.

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