Chocolate Fondue

Hearty Chocolate Fondue Make at Home, for Our Valentine.


Chocolate Fondue, everyone’s favourite! Make this on the Valentine’s Day, for your Valentine..”

Besides having chocolate fondue at Häagen-Dazs which costs you about $30+ for 2, you can actually enjoy this decadent dessert from home! I like to have it at home, a homemade one!

That’s another way of enjoying fruits, as dessert, too. You can have it served in minutes.

Make your own chocolate fondue isn’t difficult. Have it after dinner, weekend tea time, treats for friend’s visit to your house, and etc.. It is too simple to enjoy it at home everyday indeed, if you wish…

It is surely an forgetable Valentine’s evening, swirling a glass of white and indulging in this sweet treat, while submerging into the romantic night with your loved one. Hmmm ~

Calories? Chocolate counts 90kcal with fruits e.g. apples, grapes, bananas and strawberries. This dessert counts about 230 kcal for 1 decent portion.GI (Glycemic Index) value? Yes, thanks to Eggy from My Chat Box, who reminded me on the GI (chuckling). Well, apple has about 30GI values, strawberry has 40,grape has 46, banana has 51, and dark chocolate about 60.

50g dark couverture chocolate chips, 53% or more of cocoa (couverture: glossy chocolate which melts smoothly)
2 red or green apples, cut into bite-size
15 seedless grapes (less or more grapes, as desired)
3 bananas, thick sliced lenghtwise
9 medium size strawberries

Chocolate ice cream, cut into 8 cubes or make into 8 balls using the small scooper
8 Love letters (egg rolls which come in chocolate/ vanilla & strawberry flavours)

1) Add dark couverture (in chips or roughly chopped if it’s in a block) into the fondue pot.

2) Light up a tealight candle and place it in the fondue burner to soften the chocolate.

3) Nicely place your fresh fruits in a tray.

4) Stir in 1 tablespoon of boiled water or cream to the fondue, if it feels a little stiff.

5) Serve hot melted chocolate fondue with fresh fruits.

Tips: Try large scale super market, for instances, NTUC Extra and Carrerfour, to get the fondue pot set and dark couverture chocolate chips in small or big packet. I got mine at Robinson departmental store, RafflesCity.
Use only chocolates with 53% or above (53% – 70% is ideal) of cocoa solids. Do not use milk chocolate as the taste will not go well with the fruits as fondue.
Chocolate dip with BANANA is the most perfect match. Don’t go for chocolate fondue if without banana. Try also ice-cream (cut into cubes) and love letters (chocolate rolls).
To make your fondue a little more impressed, add drops of liquor to the chocolate (if it’s not eating with children).

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