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3-in-1 Miso Dish

In 1-dish Meal, Low-Fat On September 26, 2013 0 Comments

“New Easy & Nutritious Dinner Dish” Instant idea to come out with the dish. I had a big portion of Salmon fillet leftover from my son’s cooking as… Read More »


Fried French Bean & Dried Shrimps (虾米四季豆)

In Recipe, Vegetables & Fruits On June 9, 2013 0 Comments

“Delicious home-priced restaurant dish” This is a vegetable dish that my girl and I loved most. We always eat this whenever dining out in a particular “Zhi Char”… Read More »

Kangkung, water spinach, water convolvulus

Stir Fried Kangkong with Fermented Bean Curd Cubes (腐乳炒通菜)

In Low-Fat, Main, Vegetables & Fruits On April 25, 2013 6 Comments

“Kangkong, in a ‘Hong Kong’ way” While Sambal Belacan Kangkong is a popular vegetable dish in Singapore and Malaysia, this Kangkong with fermented bean curd is pretty common… Read More »

Achar Pickles

Homemade Achar (Asian Pickled Vegetables)

In Recipe, Sides, Singapore Favourites On May 15, 2012 2 Comments

“Achar, the best side dish for me!” Helloooooo… Long time no post and hope you miss me (chuckles). I promised one of my readers who requested Achar recipe… Read More »

Claypot Chicken & Eggplant Stew (惹味茄子鸡煲)

Alluring Claypot Chicken & Eggplant Stew (惹味茄子鸡煲)

In Main, Meat & Poultry, Recipe On January 16, 2012 2 Comments

“It might sound familiar to you, but this is my new dish.” I was so excited when had the first taste of it as I was unsure how… Read More »

Cabbage Roll

Chinese (Napa) Cabbage Roll (如意白菜卷)

In Festive Gourmet, Recipe On January 12, 2012 1 Comment

“Simple 3-in-1 Festive Dish, as simple as 1.2.3″ Fish, shrimps, crabs, pork knuckle and poultry are important food symbols during the Spring Festival. However, we cannot omit the importance… Read More »

Fried Bitter Gourd & Fish Balls Soup

Fried Bitter Gourd & Fish Balls Soup

In Low-Fat, Recipe, Soup On November 25, 2011 0 Comments

  “Special fried bitter gourd soup. Try it and you will know how great it is.” Yeah, just the bitter gourd and fish balls, this soup relies on… Read More »

Chinese Tonic Soup with Pork Pancreas and Radishes (青红萝卜炖豬橫脷大补汤)

Chinese Tonic Soup with Pork Pancreas and Radishes (青红萝卜炖豬橫脷大补汤)

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Recipe, Soup, Tips & Info On October 23, 2011 2 Comments

“It’s nourishing and flavorful. Don’t hate the idea of cooking pork pancreas in this tonic soup, try it first. Find out how amazing it could be, to help… Read More »

Fruits Salad with Sweet Mustard Dressing

Simple Salad and Fruits with Honey Mustard & Thousand Island Dressing for Dinner

In Low-Fat, Recipe, Sides On August 22, 2011 0 Comments

“It’s good if we could eat simple.” Before sharing more on my curry chicken dish, I would like to go healthy first. I had salad for dinner tonight… Read More »

Pumpkin Stir Fry

Pumpkin Stir Fry

In Low-Fat, Main, Recipe, Vegetables & Fruits On June 19, 2011 0 Comments

“Plain stir fried sliced pumpkin with minced garlic, simply delish and nutritional!” I loved pumpkin, this is a fact. Regardless it is cooked in soup, make into dessert,… Read More »

Cactus soup

Healthy Cactus Soup with Chicken (仙人掌煲鸡汤)

In Low-Fat, Notes & Ingredients Value, Recipe, Soup On April 12, 2011 1 Comment

“Cactus soup. Sounds weird as food? Not true, it’s surprising great as food, especially to be cooked in soup, trust me.” Came across many savory dishes on Aloe… Read More »

Stir fried Spinach & Scallops

Stir-Fried Spinach with Sautéed Scallop

In Festive Gourmet, Low-Fat, Main, Recipe On February 9, 2011 5 Comments

‘Simple and luxurious vegetable seafood dish for the season’ Hello! Long time no ‘see’… My apology, I have been so busy for the Chinese Lunar New Year. Of… Read More »