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Snow Pear Herbal Tea

In Drinks, Low-Fat On October 13, 2013 0 Comments

“Great herbal tea for hectic life” Just come back from a 2-stop trip, all the way up to the north of Malaysia. We visited The Lost World, Tambun,… Read More »

Red dates tea

Red Dates & DangShen Tea

In Drinks, Post Natal, Recipe On November 17, 2012 3 Comments

“Happy Confinement“ A strict confinement is more like a Asian ritual. For Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia, we have to go through a 30-40 days long of confinement… Read More »

Chinese Tonic Soup with Pork Pancreas and Radishes (青红萝卜炖豬橫脷大补汤)

Chinese Tonic Soup with Pork Pancreas and Radishes (青红萝卜炖豬橫脷大补汤)

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Recipe, Soup, Tips & Info On October 23, 2011 2 Comments

“It’s nourishing and flavorful. Don’t hate the idea of cooking pork pancreas in this tonic soup, try it first. Find out how amazing it could be, to help… Read More »

8-Treasure Sweet Soup (八宝甜汤)

8-Treasure Sweet Soup (八宝甜汤)

In Dessert, Recipe, Sweet Savoury On January 16, 2011 1 Comment

“An auspicious savory to sweeten up the Chinese Lunar New Year or any day of the year” The ‘Eight-Treasure‘ porridge, in Chinese, 八宝粥 ‘Ba Bao Zhou’, wouldn’t sound… Read More »

doubled boiled Snow pear soup

Double Boiled Snow Pear Soup with Fritillaria Bulbs and Sweet Almond (川贝母南杏炖雪梨)

In Dessert, Low-Fat, Recipe, Soup, Sweet Savoury On July 7, 2010 1 Comment

“Another lung nourishing soup for your healthy diets. 2 ways eating, soup or dessert.” If you need something to cool your body down or just to nourish your… Read More »

Iced Chrysanthemum tea

Iced Chrysanthemum and Ginseng Herbal Tea (洋参菊花茶)

In Drinks, Low-Fat, Notes & Ingredients Value, Recipe On June 11, 2010 1 Comment

“Warm aromatic Chrysanthemum tea to warm your hands and heart in the cold days, or a chilled glass to quench your thirst in the summer. Either way, this… Read More »

Ginseng Prawn Herbal Soup

Ginseng Prawn Herbal Soup

In Fish & Shells, Recipe, Soup On May 21, 2010 0 Comments

“Ginseng Prawn Herbal Soup tasty and healthy” Ginseng shrimp herbal soup, or we usually called it, Ginseng prawn herbal soup, is not an usual dish. Diners will be… Read More »

Luohan guo herbal tea

Luo Han Guo Chinese Herbal Tea (罗汉果凉茶)

In Drinks, Low-Fat, Recipe On May 12, 2010 1 Comment

“Fruit of Medicine, the natrual sweet fruit, for general well being, and some even claimed for its slimming effect, with regular consumption of it.”  Luohan guo (Medicine term… Read More »

Sugarcane drink

Homemade Water Chestnut and Sugar Cane Drink

In Drinks, Recipe On March 10, 2010 0 Comments

“The natural thirst quencher to rehydrate body, flavourful and healthily” Cooked some healthy drinks for the hot weekend, to quench our thirst as well as reduce heatiness in the… Read More »

Lung nourishing tonic soup

Lung Nourishing Chinese Tonic Soup (止咳润肺汤)

In Low-Fat, Recipe, Soup On January 8, 2010 5 Comments

“Delicious lung nourishing soup with mild sweet taste that makes it so good to drink in normal days, even if you are not having cough or so” I… Read More »

Cordyceps and Ginseng Tonic Soup with Black Chicken (冬虫夏草泡参黑鸡汤)

Cordyceps and Ginseng Tonic Soup with Black Chicken (冬虫夏草泡参黑鸡汤)

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Recipe, Soup On October 24, 2009 0 Comments

“Nourishing Chinese Herbal Soup, its extensive health benefits to all ages are beyond your imagination.” I had a bowl of Cordyceps tonic soup for lunch at one of… Read More »

Roasted Garlic in Olive Oil

Roast Garlic in Olive Oil

In Recipe, Sauce & Condiments, Sides On October 16, 2009 5 Comments

“Roasted garlic in olive oil, prepare and keep it for convenient cooking use or as a sandwich spread for your toast snack!” I am glad that you have… Read More »