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My Wok Life

My Cooking Inspiration

In Advertorial On May 2, 2013 0 Comments

What’s cooking? Is cooking simply a household activity, to transform the raw food into cooked meal? My answer is yes, and, no. To enjoy home cooked meals, yes,… Read More »


Marie France Bodyline to the Rescue

In Advertorial, Ways to Keep Fit On April 7, 2013 2 Comments

“Slimming treatment in need?” I was offered to try out a new slimming program at MarieFrance (“MF”) last week. To be exact, two treatments. The award-winning Intelect Spot Shaping… Read More »

CSBS logo

Contour Sculpt Body System By Marie France Bodyline

In Advertorial, Ways to Keep Fit On April 6, 2013 1 Comment

An excellent treatment to visibly reduce inches, lift and tone targeted areas of your body. Infused with Marie France’s signature potent plant and mineral blend, the compression of… Read More »

Four male and female gingerbread cookies arranged with feet touching.

Reminders of MY Week

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Tips & Info On October 13, 2011 0 Comments

“Be my friend! SIMPLY, talk to me; Comment me; Follow me; Add me; Join me, in MY FaceBook.” It’s all about revamping, upgrading and changing of images, driving… Read More »

Instant noodle

The Correct Way to Cook Instant Noodles

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Tips & Info On August 14, 2009 0 Comments

“No choice, but to eat instant noodles? Here’s the correct way to cook instant noodles without harming our bodies and health (that much..)” I have been sharing this… Read More »

Oyster sauce

Staple Food in My Kitchen

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Sauce & Condiments, Tips & Info On April 4, 2009 0 Comments

“The must-have food products in my kitchen/ refrigerator” 3 Jan 09 Genie: “Hi, really love your blog.. please keep on updating! can i request for a post on… Read More »


Widgets and Blidgets on my Site. This BMR Calculator, to know Your Metabolic Rate Better! And, what’s Metabolic Rate?

In Tips & Info On July 31, 2008 0 Comments

“Know what is Metabolism. Eat to control body weight effectively. Calculate yours here!” I have been so busy these few days, on beautifying my site, and uploading with… Read More »

deep fried

Cooking Tips on Deep-Frying Food

In Notes & Ingredients Value, Tips & Info On July 20, 2008 0 Comments

“Deep fry your food correctly” You can’t go wrong with deep-frying your food. Deep-fried food is always good to taste with an aromatic crisp texture to the palate…. Read More »


New Concepts in Singapore Mathematic for Lower Primary Students

In Weekend Spot On July 19, 2008 0 Comments

“New Concepts, New Habit in Singapore Mathematics for lower Primary students and Parents’ attitude” I am back! Back? Yes, back from an educational workshop on helping our children to handle… Read More »