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My Cooking Inspiration

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What’s cooking? Is cooking simply a household activity, to transform the raw food into cooked meal? My answer is yes, and, no.

To enjoy home cooked meals, yes, cooking has to be part of the household activities. I cook a lot, just to feed my family with plenty of home cooking. I have to begin my daily cooking routine with marketing, preparation, cook and serve. Cook and bake, there would never be “food not enough” in my little hut.

PatirCa's cooking days

As a self-taught home-cook, I started cooking at the age of 17, simply out of interest. I don’t just cook, for the sake of cooking. I cook with passion. I enjoy cooking because I don’t just see the prepared raw food turn cooked. I saw loves and soul in my dishes. Yes, cooking is more than just the transformation of food, and it is not a chore, but fun & fulfilling. Cooking brings joy, and your cooking captivates the heart of your loved ones.

The real cooking fun comes in, when you begin to create your very own dishes for your family and your loved ones, including yourself. That’s also how I begin to cook passionately, by creating simple and fuss-free dishes. That’s the style of my recipes. And, like I said, you’ll definitely need a great cookware to inspire you so. Yes, it does. Even a great cook needs great cookware, you agree?

I am so excited about the upcoming live cooking demonstration by Chef Jason Vito and Chef Benson Tong at Onaka (Healing Kitchen) Restaurant this Saturday. Credits go to, for bringing me such an opportunity. Of course, I am also looking forward to see how the great Tefal cookware is going to further inspire me in my life-time cooking journey (yes, Chef Jason and Chef  Benson would be using these great frying pans to cook his 3-course meal)!

I am ready to be inspired. How about you? Please, stay tune. There are more excitements to come!

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