Mediacorp “Blooming Hearts” Flower Tea Jelly (“心花朵朵开”花茶糕)

“Blooming Hearts” Flower Tea Jelly (“心花朵朵开”花茶糕)


”Best Valentine’s Day gift in the season”


Valentine’s Day, what’s your gift for your loved one? 

With the infectious Coronavirus, love isn’t exactly in the air this time round. But we still wish to give something more meaning and helpful to our loved ones on this special day. What’s better gift that you could do it personally at home, great to help fighting virus and yet visually pleasing. Yes, you can practically assemble my hearty jelly cups as a gift! Did I not tell that this recipe is super easy to follow? Shhh…….. :p

It’s really tasty, cooling, and likeable by all ages.


这时候,除了口罩和消毒液,本身觉得送补身补气的食疗更有意义。你就是希望你爱的人健康平安,不是吗?赏心悦目又有益又是自己亲手做的 (而且非常容易,别告诉别人 shhhhh…… :p)。 总之,就没什么比送这个更好的啦! 

Ingredients are commonly available in Chinese medical shops

Ingredients (A):

10g of Royal Chrysanthemum (Gong Ju)

10g of Florist Chrysanthemum (Tai Ju)

5g of Honeysuckle Flower 

5g of Ginseng Flower 

5g of Chinese Bell Flower Root (Ju Geng) 

5g of Mulberry Leaf (Dried)

10g of Fritillary Bulb

Ingredients (B):

250g of Rock sugar 

50g of agar agar powder (white) 

1000ml of water 

Handful of wolfberries


贡菊花 10克 

胎菊花 10克

金银花 5克

人参花 5克

桔梗 5克

桑叶 5克

川贝母 10克


冰糖 250克

燕菜粉 (透明色) 50克

水 1000毫升 

枸杞子 适量


  1. Dissolve rock sugar when the water is boiled, add Ingredients (A), cover with lid and simmer for 10 minutes. 
  2. Remove pot lid, sieve away all the herbs from pot, keep aside for later. Add agar agar powder, stir to dissolve. 
  3. Heat off, cool slightly. Divide herbs mixture into jelly moulds. Deco jelly with the reserved flower bulbs and rinsed wolfberries in each jelly mould. 
  4. Cool off. Keep in refrigerator to chill.  


  1. 大火把水煮沸,加入冰糖溶解后,放入材料(A)。 盖锅,小火煮10分钟。
  2. 开盖,将草药隔开,保留备用。调入燕菜粉。
  3. 稍微放凉后,平均倒入模具。再把保留下来的花和洗净的枸杞子随意搭配点缀。
  4. 放凉后,放进冰箱冷冻。

One jelly counts not more than 50kcal.
1 个小花茶糕提供大约60卡路里。

This Jelly demonstration was shown in Hello Singapore on Channel 8 on the 11th Feb.

If you have missed the programme, simply click on the photo to be directed to the video demo.

Tips: Ingredients may seem common, but with the right combination and amount, it will give you the best effect and great taste to your food. And Yes, it helps you to build up body immunity and tonify your lungs.
* All herbs and flowers are easily available in Chinese medical shops.

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