XO Sambal Stuffed Squid (XO叁巴酿鱿鱼)


Post & Recipe in English and Chinese (中英食谱)
“Love this, if you like it; Like this, if you hate it. 喜欢的会爱上它;讨厌的会喜欢它.”

My way of surf & turf, meat in squid. Cooking the relatively bland squid dish with a good recipe is essential. I have mine which I think goes really well with just a plate of steamy hot rice! Even for someone who doesn’t like squid, you wouldn’t be resisting it!


Serves 2-3
1 large squid
100g of minced meat

Seasoning (A):
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
1 teaspoon of Thai fish sauce
1 teaspoon of white pepper
1 teaspoon of corn starch
Dash of sesame oil
Pinch of salt

Seasoning (B):
Dash of salt and coarsely grounded black pepper

Seasoning (C):
1 tablespoon of Sambal chili paste
2 tablespoons of XO paste
2 tablespoons of water
Pinch of sugar

2 tablespoons of cooking oil

Coriander leaves

100克 豬肉碎

1湯匙 醬青
1 茶匙 泰國魚露
1茶匙 白胡椒粉
1茶匙 玉米粉
麻油 適量
鹽 少许

鹽和粗黑胡椒 適量

1湯匙 叁巴辣椒醬
2湯匙 XO醬
2汤匙 水
糖 少许

2汤匙 食油


(1) Clean the squid by removing the internal organs and inc sac by pulling the head. Wash the inner thoroughly under running water.

(2) Remove also the transparent plastic-like soft bone from the inner. Tear away the thin dark purplish layer of membrane on the outside of the squid. The whole squid should be white now. Retain the squid head, but cut away the beak and eye balls on the head. Wash the squid again and pat dry. Set aside.

(3) Marinate minced meat with seasoning ingredients (A). Stuff as much seasoned meat as possible into the tube of the squid. Leave about 1cm gap at the opening, insert the head and secure with a toothpick.

(4) Place stuffed squid on a plate, sprinkle seasoning (B) on the squid. Cover with cling wrap and leave in the refrigerator to marinate for at least an hour.

(5) Heat pan with 1 tablespoon of oil over medium-low fire. Sauté squid on both sides till trace of burnt appears. Remove grilled squid from pan. Set aside.

(6) In the same pan, add more oil, followed by XO sauce and sambal paste, stir fry till aroma releases. Drizzle water around the edges to create sizzling effect. Add sugar, return squid, and cook together to mix well. Dish up, slice crosswise, garnish and serve with rice.

(1) 把鮮魷魚头拔出,除內臟,冲洗干净。






A serving of my XO stuffed squid counts about 200kcal.

Tips: Stove fire should be low when sauté/ grill stuffed squid to make sure the meat inside is completely cooked before the squid is overly cooked or burnt. Alternatively, slit the knife through in the middle of the squid so that the heat penetrates and cooks the meat inside easily.
* Instead of one large squid, use of 2 smaller squids is equally fine.
* The bottled sambal paste and XO paste used in my recipe are from The Soup Restaurant. You may use any brand of the shelves, too.

* 除了用大条的鱿鱼,分成两条较小的也行。
* 食谱里用的瓶装叁巴和XO酱是从三件两盅餐馆购买。你也可以用市场上任何牌子。

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