Japanese Egg Salad Wraps

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image“Complimentary ideas for simple & quick dinner”

I posted my new creation for Spicy Pork wrap (See Recipe) dinner just couple of days ago, my family had been asking for it, again… However, I decided not to make that again so soon, because I had more wrap recipes which I was so keen to try out! Here’s one of them…..

imageYes, if you are very keen to try out the wraps, but wondered how to fix more than a meal with it, just to let you know that Mission Foods are now having a great promotion on giving away free recipe booklet with every purchase of two packages of wraps. With this recipe booklet by Adam Liaw, it was easy to finish using up my wraps, even by small family.

imageOne of my favorites among the Adam Liaw’s recipes is this super simple Japanese egg wrap that well-liked by all ages. Simple ingredients with simple cooking steps, all ingredients are available at major supermarkets. If mayonnaise isn’t your preference, try adding Japanese sesame sauce, instead. It works as well. :)

imageAnother recipe which I liked best is the smoke salmon wraps with special mustard-dill mayo sauce. I intend to make that for lunch soon. To check out more, you may wish to get a copy of this recipe which comes with your purchase of Mission wraps.

imageA wrap counts about 300kcal.

Important trick: To make the wrap taste much better, softer and more fluffy, heat up the wrap on a heated dry pan is essential. Simply place the wrap on the pan for about 1 minute each side, some browning spots are expected. Adding of oil to the heated pan is not necessary.

Do not also over heat the wrap, unless you liked it to be crisped or made into taco or quesadilla, heat on pan for longer time (about 3-4 minutes each side) on super low heat, shape by bending into half and hold (use a turner if it’s too hot to handle), wait for it to cool and harden into crisped wrap (taco shell).

If you liked it spicy, mix in the Sriracha hot sauce which I’ve mentioned in my previous post. It was superb!

Tips: Kewpie mayonnaise is the Japanese mayonnaise easily available at supermarkets. See example in above photos collage.

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