Handmade Chocolate Ice Cream


20140619-221054-79854400.jpg“Easy, breezy, handmade ice cream.”

There are many ways to hand make this ice cream, but below would be the easiest way to do. Learnt this from a TVB cooking show hosted by Ms Maria Cordero (Fat Ma), in her latest cooking show, Good Cheap Eat 2 (食平DD), where she handmade Tiramisu ice cream as her dessert of the day. I am yet to replicate her Tiramisu ice cream, but adapted it to chocolate flavor, as requested by my dad who was curious and skeptical about making a delicious ice cream at home without a need of having an ice cream make or sort of special equipment… :D

Yes. No complication and almost 0% failure. What you need is just a hand mixer or whisk. If you are having a strong arm to be able to whisk the cream till simply thicken, that’s enough, in fact. (That was how I did my ice cream at my dad’s home the other day since my parents do not keep a whisk at home!) Haha..You will be rewarded with a creamy, smooth and store-bought liked ice cream at home.

Add Kit Kat chocolate bits to add crunch into the creamy sweet treats.

20140619-221054-79854255.jpgYield 1 big tub (about 1.8l)
550ml of whipping cream
100ml condense milk
115g of bittersweet chocolate bar (with 50% – 60% cocoa)

1 bar of 4 fingers Kit Kat, crushed
Chocolate chips

Chocolate rice
Chocolate sauce

(1) Melt chocolate bar with double boiling method. Leave the melted chocolate to cool.

(2) Beat chilled whipping cream with hand or electrical whisk till thick consistency. Just thicken, without reaching its peak.

(3) Add condensed milk into cooled chocolate sauce. Stir to combine well.

(4) Whisk to mix the chocolate sauce mixture into thickened cream in 2 batches until well combined. Texture of the ice cream mixture (before freezing) will look like thickened milk, as shown in above picture.

(5) Fold in crushed Kit Kat with spatula, pour into a large container and place in freezer to freeze 6-8 hours or overnight. Serve.

20140619-223313-81193666.jpgA serving of 100ml of my chocolate ice cream counts about 200kcal.

I shall continue exploring into other flavors (as well as different adaptions of making ice cream) since it’s so easily assembled and made at home. Nice~

Tips: May use semi-sweet chocolate bar, but best to add 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder as well, if used.
* Baking chocolate, usually unsweetened, can be used, too. However, adding of 1 tablespoon of sugar when melting the baking chocolate is recommended.
* Use of just the cocoa powder is fine, too.
* In fact, any form of chocolate goes well, it’s your preference. However, milk chocolate bar should be the last choice, unless you like it excessively sweet.
* As for cream, dairy whipping cream (or called it heavy cream/ double cream), is preferred.

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