Four male and female gingerbread cookies arranged with feet touching.

Reminders of MY Week

Four male and female gingerbread cookies arranged with feet touching.

“Be my friend! SIMPLY, talk to me; Comment me; Follow me; Add me; Join me, in MY FaceBook.”

It’s all about revamping, upgrading and changing of images, driving me into having this idea for My Face Book Fan Club… A reminder of the week, on cooking, preparation of food, daily life, anything, and everything which comes to my mind, prepared or out of the blue. Something simply pops out from my mind, to remind you on the spot (lucky I have my iPhone or iPad with me all the time.. tongue sticking out)!

I named the title as Reminder of MY Week, simply translates into a reminder of the week from MY WOK Life. Hey, it will be posted in MY FaceBook page, for your information. I thought I should “reward”, or simply connect with my friends & fans & readers more regularly. I wished to engage all of you more. I share so many things with you, telling you as if you are my close friends.. You, on the other hand, tell me more about yourselves, share with us about your cooking/ life experience, leave your comments in my blog, and post the photos of your cooking/ dishes on MY wall…

Hello~ You are my FRIENDS! :)

* Search My wok life, or choose one the modes listed in the right bar of my blog, to connect with me.

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