This Weekend-Family Meal: Chicken McGrill @ McDonald


“It feels like dining at a posh American restaurant. I’m lovin’ it!”

This post is not exactly an advertorial. It’s just my personal experience with the newly launched burger by McDonald.

McDonald threw a private food tasting party for its new launch of Chicken McGrill and I was lucky to get a slice of the action, invited by Nuffnang.

This food tasting party was an exquisite one. The food was served on elegant porcelain dish and metal cutlery, even our table-clothed dining table was nicely decorated with fresh yellow roses, given a feel of luxe, you won’t feel like you are dining at a fast-food restaurant. Look at the way they served their hot fries to us, it’s in the nice porcelain cup! It’s lovely~

Yes, there was quite a huge crowd of participants from various sectors, personnel from the media, a number of bloggers, like myself, participants from Hardware Zone, McDonald FB’s and etc, together with the marketing communication director and her crew members of McDonald. And of course, the celebrity chef, Ms Jansen, who took the lead in creating the new appetizers and dessert of the 4-course menu for the party, with the existing ingredients of McDonald’s food.

Let’s see….

Appetizer: We had the piping hot and unexpectedly light textured crustless quiche with chunky fish meat cubes. Actually, this quiche was added with BBQ sauce, but the taste of it wasn’t obvious though. However, I liked the mild eggy flavor in the quiche that wasn’t too over-whelming, but the natural sweetness and aromas in the egg were still visibly present in the palate. Hmm… Just that I thought it would be even better if there were some chopped spinach added in it. Afterall, spinach quiche is still my no. 1 favorite among the quiches. :)

The salad with corn kennel originally from corn cup from McDonald kid-meal’s order, its salad dressing was the low-fat thousand island sauce! Yes, I loved thousand island sauce, but I would never take unless it’s low fat. And guess what? The thousand island McDonald served during the session was the low-fat version which the same will be offered over counter for a limited period, if I heard the crew correctly.

The last creation in the menu is a refreshing dessert. Soft ice cream & strawberry yogurt with apple dices and special sourdough crouton (sautéed bread cubes seasoned with cinnamon & caramel) as the ‘base’. The addition of these delicious croutons adds extra crunch and specially interesting bites to this, otherwise normal yogurt parfait dessert. A delicious meal wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing sweet treat… I loved dessert!

Hold on…

That isn’t my sweet ending here.. Save the best for last… Check this main entree out! Let me tell you, the teppanyaki Chicken McGrill is a must to try!

This juicy chicken thigh sandwiched between the soft & fluffy sourdough buns was indeed delicious. Its generous portion will probably balloon up your hungry tummy (chuckles).

The hearty beverage: someone ever said that I looked like I am a ‘Latte’ person, a skinny latte person, because I took only skinny Latte, until.. a chance like this. The skinny Cappuccino has now become one of my choices of preferred beverages.

You’ll find me at the McDonald outlet again this weekend, for sure. Smile.

P/s: Go log on to my FB. Not sure if it works, but I’ll still share with you a 1-1 Chicken McGrill deal for this week?

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