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The Perfect-licious Parchment Pasta @ Pizza Hut


“Two new Parchment Pastas, the true decadence of uniqueness and tenderness for your tastebuds @ Pizza Hut.”

One of my favourite foods is pasta and that’s why I cook pasta pretty often. I enjoyed eating pasta, for indulging in the great eating pleasure out of its simplicity. It’s not limited to just my own pasta cooking, but I loved having great pasta when dine out, too.

Here come the new additions of two fascinating pasta dishes to the huge pasta family on the menus of Pizza Hut restaurant, which will be served, from today, the 25th August! And, it was my honour to be invited by Nuffnang, the Asia Pacific’s first blog advertising community, and Pizza Hut restaurant, to sample these pasta dishes in an elaborate food tasting session organized by Pizza hut’s marketing dept before the launch. This is not only for the purpose of advertorial, but I was long ago a big buff of Pizza Hut food, per se. Hence, getting to know about the new launching, it made me so excited and I was looking forward to seeing how these Parchment Pasta dishes might look and taste like, since they are named, “Parchment”…

When I heard the name, Parchment Pasta, first thing came to my mind had to be the parchment paper. And I guess, some will even be reminded of the Chinese paper-wrapped chicken (纸包鸡) which uses similar parchment paper for the cooking. Yes, these new pastas in Pizza Hut are wrapped and cooked up in the parchment paper, or called it, En Papillote, which simply means “cooked in paper”. I think it’s really a brilliant idea to adopt this in cooking pasta when I realized how much it helps in sealing the original flavour, and retaining moisture and tenderness of the ingredients in the Parchment Pasta, after tasting it personally. And, not to worry for having some kinds of excessively oily food like the paper-wrapped chicken, these parchment pastas were baked through and not deep fried, for sure.

Come, dine in with me now… for the Char-Grilled Chicken Parchment and the Spicy Seafood Parchment…

Presentation of the Parchment Pastas:
What a unique way for having pasta… This pasta was nicely wrapped up with the parchment paper when served. I liked the ‘wrap-up’ presentation as it makes the serving looks mysterious and neat on the table.

Pizza Hut makes their ‘new creations’ even more special by clipping the opening of the wrap with a nice old-fashioned wooden cloth-clip crafted with the curvy words, ‘Pasta Perfetto’, and diner gets to keep this cute clip as souvenir! :D

As a first-timer for trying this interesting Parchment Pasta, I simply couldn’t wait to reveal the under wrap!

Flavour of the Char-Grilled Chicken Parchment:
Scrumptious spaghetti pasta noodle served with tenderly char-grilled chicken which tossed in light texture satiny cream sauce. The creamy and slight garlicky sauce in this Parchment Pasta yields a good balance of flavour without being too rich, making this cream sauce pasta so likable, and in a way, feeling less sinful for having the entire serving all by my own. :)

To be more specific, I loved its combination of fresh button mushroom slices, capsicums stripes and turkey bacon pieces together with the excessively tender char-grilled chicken chunks in this cream sauce Parchment Pasta. It’s true that the chicken meat tasted so moist and tender, yet, it was so well cooked. Credit goes to their open-secret of baking the pasta through in parchment paper that makes it happened!

As for the pasta noodles, the strands were bouncy (we referred it as, so ‘Q’) to bite. Not being too tough or too soggy in the palate, the noodles were considerably al-dente, to acclimatize to the local preference, I supposed.

Flavour of the Spicy Seafood Parchment:
A delicious and accommodative twist on the standard tomato sauce pasta, here they have the spicy version. This Spicy Seafood Parchment was cooked with some chopped bird’s eye chilli which adds extra zings to the palate.

I really did relish its spicy and less-sourish tomato sauce. With the combination of spicy and zesty flavours, it balances up the overall flavour in this imaginably tasty seafood parchment pasta in a perfect manner. For those who can’t take it too spicy, you may request for a reduction on spiciness.

Look no further if you are a seafood lover, like me, this spicy tomato sauce linguine pasta is served with mussels, prawns and squids. It has definitely made a statement with these succulent seafood ingredients where fleshy mussels and interestingly bouncy prawns are found. Even the squid slices were tender enough to chew. And, like I mentioned, all the natural flavour of these juicy seafood ingredients were perfectly sealed in, from the effect of “En Papillote”.

As for the pasta noodles used for this dish, linguine simply makes a ideal staple as it allows the hearty tomato sauce to be fully absorbed into each and every of the broad strand.

As such, I devoured these parchment pastas with gusto!

Summary and the List of Price:
It’s regardless if you prefer an authentic Italian flavour or the local accustomed taste, you can always find a different dimension in these parchment pastas with the tasty combination of flavours found in it.

Look at this delicate and balancing cream sauce based spaghetti pasta. Then, comes the exciting robust and zesty tomato sauce based linguine pasta. You’ll find the wonders of both worlds on this Italian fare, lending a refreshing sense of originality to the new creations. Indeed, these new Parchment Pastas were delectably captivating where its true flavour arrives beyond my initial expectation. The overall flavour and its combination of ingredients in each pasta dish were just so perfect. Moreover, with the slight addition of chopped coriander, it enhances the aromas and taste of the pasta even further!

To order the cream sauce Char-Grilled Parchment Pasta or tomato sauce Spicy Seafood Parchment Pasta? You might end up fighting a battle within self, struggling to decide which parchment pasta to taste first… Well, it’s really depends on your personal preference of flavour. Or, I shall suggest you to patronize Pizza Hut again the next day to have it both in two separate visits. After all, these pasta dishes in Pizza Hut are so affordable and worth-while, for the generous portion served in each order.

That’s right! For all I enjoyed pasta dishes, I focus only the best deals. I always know that one of the best places to go for affordable great pasta dishes is the Pizza Hut restaurant. And I am even more convinced now, after the tasting, I will not be bored to rhapsodize about my eating pleasure on these two awesome Parchment Pastas, just like I did here.

Char-grilled Chicken Parchment Pasta priced at $11.90
Spicy Seafood Parchment Pasta priced at $12.90

It’s not hard to tell, I liked this Spicy Seafood Parchment, for its spicy tomato sauce as my personal preference. I know I’ll be ordering these again in my next visit to Pizza Hut restaurant, :) And, I can assure you that it will never be bored to have pasta in a row as each flavour brings a total different eating pleasure to your taste bud.

Wait… there are more to come… Don’t you forget those other gourmet delights in Pizza Hut which provide an equally immense selection of satisfactory goodies that await your indulgence?

Other luscious gourmet @ Pizza Hut:
There are really many other exquisitely delicious choices in the Pizza Hut Restaurant which surely provide you with an ultimate dining experience here. And there are some items I must share with you in particular, which I personally liked it so much (I am sure many do so).

For weight-watcher (or you just feel like having just a light meal), please don’t think that you will be an odd-out in all the fast food restaurants. Pizza Hut has wide range of mouth-watering salad dishes!

Salad is considered a good and refreshing starter to kick-start a sumptuous meal. I tried two salad dishes during the tasting session, the new seafood tofu salad with Italian dressing (and more interesting with the crispy noodle stripes to add crunches), and the well-liked Oriental salad (with crunchy chicken chunks) with Thai dressing. Gazing at the freshest mixed greens and generous amount of quality toppings, it’s indeed a great pleasure to enjoy such healthy food with these bountiful elements on the plate.

If you ask me which is better between these two options, I could only tell you that seafood tofu salad is distinctive as we normally have the seafood tofu in hotpot, but now it’s found in this salad dish, a creative addition to enhance your eating experience of healthier diet, whilst Oriental salad should be your request, if you are looking for a more familiar kind of exotic flavour. It can’t be wrong to go for this subtly spicy-sweet Thai dressing and flavourful fried chicken toppings. And, you won’t fail to realise that these lavish salads are exceedingly worthwhile than what they are priced!

Each costs only S$6.90, for a large salad bowl! It’s definitely a value-for-money.

Wanting more varieties for appetizers?
Look beyond their signature garlic bread, these chicken riblets are ones that can’t be missed, especially if you like fried food. It’s deep-fried, but never too greasy to taste, and I loved the flavour in it which resembles mild version of fried prawn paste chicken (虾酱鸡). Hey, please not to mistaken these riblets as pork, they serve no pork or lard as Pizza Hut is a Halal-certified restaurant (suitable for Muslims). It’s chicken meat. Price: $5.80 for 4 super-sized riblets

Well, for group dining, I’ll surely go for their Hut’s platter which consists of the best out of all in one plate, just to satisfy the crowd. There are four different kinds of goodies, i.e. All-time-favourite – calamari rings, house-specialty – sweet-spicy chicken drumlets, seafood-pleaser – scallop rolls, and the yummy crunch – crisscross fries, serving with simple chilli sauce as dipping. A true crowd pleaser easily feeds 4 – 6 diners. Price: $12.50

Want something more for main entrée?
Besides the main stars of pizza or the must-try new pasta dishes, there are also many other popular pasta dishes, such as, the luscious Basil Crayfish pasta, serving two halves of fresh succulent crayfish with spaghetti tossed in a mild spicy and sweet basil sauce which leaves you craving for more… Price: S$12.90

This delicious looking curry baked rice photo on the menu always allures me and there were so many of my friends told me that their curry baked rice is really good, and I am in total agreement with them, now! An irresistible house-special Curry Zazzle Baked Rice which brings plenty of pleasant surprise to me… It’s easy to tell why this curry baked rice is so immensely popular. The curry sauce topped on the baked rice dish was thick and creamy with a hint of milky taste, but it’s never too over-whelming in the palate, and the spiciness was not over-powering, after-taste. This well-balanced curry sauce complements the tinge cheesy pilaf rice so well. Price: S$9.80

Haven’t done with the main courses yet? It’s time for dessert! Your meal won’t be complete without having their signature dessert! Need not to elaborate much on this warm chocolate cake with ice cream, you probably tried and made it your favourite must-have dessert in every visit to Pizza Hut, don’t you?! Warm, cottony soft on the texture and super moist inside to almost lava-ish, this soft rich chocolate cake makes the best accompaniment to its pairing yummy vanilla ice-cream. Well, it’s just too-alluring for wanting it more! Price: S$6.50

However, if you think it’ll be too full for dessert after that, yet do not wish to give up your affection for dessert. Simply have this, ‘A Tale of Two Temptation’, and let its grandeur helps to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Just like its name which spells it all… having two petite squares of chocolate mousse cake and cheese cake which beautifully arranged on the serving dish, the celebrated dessert seems to have its own indescribable tales to share upon…

These glamorous bite sizes are simply joyful pleasure, not only to the palate, also for the eyes… and the perfect portion for everyone with a sweet tooth. Price: S$5.50

You need some refreshing chilled thirst quenchers by now, don’t you? I will not forget to share with you their Zesty Fruit Delights menus… I liked the exotic Passion Fusion of which interesting aloe vera bits were added to this chilled passion fruit flavoured brewed tea. Not too sweet to taste, I loved to sip it slowly while chatting with a group of friends there… How about something hot? Yes, just go ahead to get a cup of freshly brewed coffee! It’s always the best choice for hot beverage to complement your favourite sweet treats, leaving a perfect ending to your precious meal. Price: S$4.50

And so, given an opportunity like this, I would like to recommend what I have tried and liked. Of course, this includes the two new pasta delights which will be prevalent on their menus. And, don’t forget to bring home with you, the crafted cloth-clip souvenir from any of these Parchment Pastas!

Do leave your comments to let me know how do you like it, after-taste, ok?

Note: To find out the nutritional value in some of these gourmet goodies, click here: Pizza Hut

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