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Golden Flapjack Oat Bar Recipe


“Low in fat and sugar, high in crunch factor and flavour. Make your own flapjack aka baked oat bar easily at home, for a relatively healthy tea time, anytime. “

Flapjack, is a sweet baked bar mainly made from rolled oats, brown sugar and golden syrup in British cuisine. Some added with nuts, raisins or dried fruits. I made the most basic flapjacks, with reduced fat and sugar amount, for a more healthy version.

The taste of my flapjack reminds me of the popcorn we ate in the movie, when I first tasted it. It was so crispy to munch, leaving with hint of buttery aroma in the palate. The flapjack was to be made as an alternative to those high fat, high sugar or high calories cookies. Bake this in bars, for my breakfast, or in squares, as the bite-size snacks and munches during tea time.

It’s so easy and quick to make, but remember, do not let the golden syrup mixture boil, or th flapjacks will be tacky and harden instead of crisped, when baked and cooled.

And, store the unfinished portions in a food container to indulge in anytime, up to a week or two.

70 grams of butter
2 tablespoons of Golden Syrup (about 60ml)
60 grams of brown sugar
170g rolled oats

1) Grease a 8″ square baking tin with olive oil or butter.

2) Preheat oven to 180°C.

3) In a large sauce pan, heat and melt butter, brown sugar and golden syrup on very low fire. When butter is melted (not boiled), stir in rolled oats until well combined. Heat off.

4) Turn the oat mixture into greased baking tin and press it out evenly with fingers or the back of the metal spoon. Then, bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes, until browned and crisped.

5) Divide the baked flapjacks into squares or fingers while still warm, then leave to cool slightly, before turning out to a wire rack to finish cooling. Serve or store in a food container for later.

A square of my flapjack counts about 110kcal.

Tips: Heat syrup mixture, and not boil till bubbly, to remain cripsed, and not tacky or hard to chew.
* Use light butter and sugar, for even more healthy and low-fat making, for having it more regularly without ‘guilt‘, if desired.

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