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McDonald’s opens its kitchen doors to all

“It’s never hard to imagine how little (or zero) margin they are prepared to compromise on their food hygiene, quality, and most of all, the customer service to the patrons of McDonald’s…”

Like what my header says, it’s now a great chance for you to discover the truth behind your favourite food at their Open Doors Event which happens every 3rd Sunday of the month, all the way till 19 Feb 2012.

This is not an advertorial ie I don’t get paid to promote this activity. It’s merely my interest to share this piece of information with you guys since I have attended one. It’s eye opening, it’s exclusive, and it’s informative!

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Overnight Camping & Visit in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

“Sleeping with the Flamingos”

Hey! I told you that I went for a sleepover camp at Jurong Bird Park on one of the Fridays in December. Yes, pitching of tents for a night inside the park. However, don’t assume that it will surely an outdoor camping. Sad to say, it was not! We camped IN a air-conditioned function room by the flamingo lake. That’s the camping experience for our precious Singapore children! Wahaha..

Actually, I personally find it not a bad idea with an indoor camping as there will be no mosquito bite, need not to feel hot in the sleep.. All we had is cooling air in the tent in that ‘snory night’..

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New Rainforest Kidzworld at Singapore Zoo

“New Opening of Rainforest Kidzworld and Boat Ride in Singapore Zoo”

We visited Singapore Zoo last Sunday, the actual day of Singapore National Day! Since it was a long weekend, we had to have some plan for the kid, at least an outing on the 3-day long weekend. And, as a form of celebration with the nation, we planned this outing (laughing), for a half morning visit, and to get home in time to watch the live National Day Parade on tv in the evening! There were plans in mind, whether to go Pulau Ubin for cycling or a visit to Jurong Bird Park (I have 50% discount on admission tickets), and etc, before decided on the zoo visit. But for several good reasons, I decided to have our family outing together with my good friend & family, for zoo visit and picnic, despite the fact that we had to pay full price tickets to the zoo on public holidays!

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Children Season’s Holiday Programmes by Singapore National Museum

June (school) holiday is approaching!

If you are still racking your brain on which good places to bring your children to, for some fun and valuable visits throughout the 1-month break from school, I have some ideas here.

I brought my girl to the Singapore National Museum last year, not so much on touring the museum, but to attend some children themed holiday programmes organised by the authority. And, I attended also the free seminar on parenting there, while my girl had her drawing session just located outside the seminar hall.

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Marina Barrage, Reservoir in the City

“Singapore’s latest downtown icon – Marina Barrage. A weekend spot cum educational visit, for you and your family.”

First heard of this newest spot was from my hubby, and then was broacasted in the TV news, featuring new reservoir, the bridge where visitors may have a stroll, and big green patch where visitors may enjoy a picnic there. A FOC place for the residents!

This majestic dam was was officially opened on 1 Nov 2008. A very new place for you to explore! Open daily, and it’s FOC!

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NATAS Travel Fair 2008 in Singapore Expo

“An annual NATAS Travel Fair which never missed by Singaporean!”

We went to Expo this afternoon, for the NATAS (The National Association of Travel Agents Singapore) Travel Fair exhibition! It was last day of NATAS Fair, and we wanted to check out the best deal for our vacation planning (hee hee). This was my second time been to NATAS Fair. My first visit to the fair which was located at downtown, Suntec City exhibition hall, but NATAS has no longer at Suntec City anymore, since years ago, I think…

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