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Salmon Sushi Cake

“Happy birthday, girl!”

Yesterday was the birthday of my elder girl. She wanted the same strawberry cream cheese sponge cake I made for hubby just last month. Having to make so many cakes in a roll, I was kinda feeling lazy. It might also be lacking of surprise element to the birthday celebration.

Making a sushi cake not only special, sushi is also her favorite food, especially with salmon as its filling. Hence, I decided to make this as her birthday surprise, at the same time, our quick and simple dinner meal. I thought this was the best simple celebration to mark this day during her exam period. Yes, it was the second last day of her year-end examination period. :)

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Mango Sticky Rice

“Delicate dessert to be made at home. Who says you can only eat this in the Thai restaurant?”

When I had craving for food which normally served in the restaurant, I would always try my mean to cook it at home. Not so the economic reason sometimes, I enjoyed the satisfaction and achievement for being able to whip up food which looked deceptively difficult to assemble and overvalued by the market. It just made me feel contented to see my loved ones enjoy my creation more than having it outside.

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Sausage & Cheese Baked Rice

“Baked rice with cheese from scratch.”

So happy to tell you that, my first attempt of baked rice was a success!

As mentioned in my FaceBook, my girl requested something in cheese. I’ve made cheese prawn cakes and cheese pork meat balls, but girl said that she wasn’t getting enough cheese, still. So, I decided to bake rice in cheese. Firstly, to satisfy her craving of cheese. Secondly, it was easy to assemble. What to do… I was a little too lazy to make anymore cheese food that requires many cooking steps, and hence, baked cheese rice has become my option, for tonight’s dinner.

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Chinese Stir Fried Glutinous Rice from Raw (生炒穤米飯)

“Stir fried raw glutinous rice for the greatest satisfaction!”

This is the first post to introduce the new face-lift of my website. I would like to post something I love and genuinely delicious, of course!

Stir fried glutinous rice, also known as, sticky rice (as its consistency will turn sticky when cooked). It is a very popular type of rice in Southeast and East Asia, widely eaten, in many ways, for sweet or savoury. I am, of course, a fan of glutinous rice, too!

Stir fried glutinous is a popular dish in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. People eats it for breakfast, lunch, tea break, during Chinese festival e.g. Dumpling festival, and even for baby shower, when the baby reaches full month.

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Hainanese Chicken Rice (海南鸡饭)


Hainanese chicken rice seems to be one of the most popular local delicacies in Singapore. This is a Singaporean cuisine, of course. It is so well known that almost every visitor will have to try this if they visit to Singapore. Not hard to find, there are many hawker stalls, coffee shops, food courts and even restaurants sell it.

To me, I like to cook this at home, whenever my parents or friends visit me at my house. This is an economical yet presentable way to feed the crowd. Of course, cooking this local delicacy as a treat to friends, especially the overseas guests, will never fail to impress them. However, what makes your treat a real statement, this very much depends on your culinary skill as well as the recipe. Don’t be disappointed…. I have my house secret recipe to back you up here, didn’t I (chuckles)?!

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Nasi Lemak (Steamed Coconut Cream Rice – 椰浆饭)

“What a great way to say hello to your overseas friends. Let your home-cooked do the job!”

Nasi Lemak, a common name in the list of the local food delicacies of Asia.

Nasi Lemak, one of the top Malaysian cuisine has its great influence to Singaporean. Many local Chinese, thus, eat and cook this aromatic rice dish, for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. As such, Nasi Lemak is not limited to just the Malay food stalls, it’s commonly sold in Chinese eateries everywhere in Singapore. For the Singaporean Chinese version of Nasi Lemak, it comes with even greater varities of side dish. What makes it different from the traditional Nasi Lemak which wrapped in banana leaf and comes with standard sides e.g. egg and chicken wing or fried tiny Kampung fish, the Chinese Nasi Lemak allows you to pick or choose your favourite side dishes from the pool of selections provided by the stall/ eatery, in general. Any versions, they all taste heaven..

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