“If you are keen to know more details about this baby kitchen 
appliance and how easy to operate it, read up here.”

Just started using my new Philips Avent steamer cum blender today, for my son’s first weaning with cooked fruit. Hubby and I made the Chinese pear purée for our baby.

This 2-in-1 steamer and blender is what I always want to get for making my baby food as I think it is one of the great baby food making equipments.

Besides enjoying the convenience of ‘steam, flip and blend’, all in one appliance, the main plus point of buying this is actually the benefit of retaining possibly all nutrients from the food.

Yes, steaming is probably the best cooking method for baby food as it helps to preserve the most original flavour as well as its nutrients. Oh well, you might be thinking why can’t I steam it with the usual steamer or the conventional ‘wok’ way? Of course, you can. It’s still workable and good. However, in my opinion, this steamer cum blender may be able to do a better job here. According to their introduction, this Combined Steamer and Blender actually retains more essential nutrients as the juices that are released from the food during the steaming process will be retained and mixing back into the food during the blending process, instead of evaporated through the steam releases out during the conventional steaming process.

Yes, you do not have to transfer food from steamer to blender. You do not need to do alot of washing of different tools. Most of all, your baby food will be served with much more nutrients in it, providing a even healthier diet to your precious one.

Just want to make a note here, this is neither an advertorial nor promoting post. Knowing that many parents, including my surrounding friends, are wondering if they should be getting this appliance, am just trying to share what I think is worthwhile for the parents, if the cost of ~S$190 – $220 (price varies at places) is considered an affordable price to spend on a kitchen equipment for baby food. :D

Anyways, please don’t worry if it would be too complicated to work around this kitchen appliance thingy. I find it pretty simple, actually.

1) Simply push the extended side and twist open the lid of the jar, place the raw food in the jar. Cover lid back.

2) Fill the **measuring cup with the requirement amount of water.
Open the small opening at the side of the motor unit and pour in the water. Cover lid.

3) Turn button on the motor unit to the left for steaming. Make sure orange light on the button is lit.

4) When done, orange light will go off. Flip the jar over.

5) Turn the same button to the right to blend by holding on to the button without releasing your hand from the button until the food is blended to your desired texture.

6) Complete, pour out, cool and serve!

** The measuring cup shows water measurement in millimeters together with the corresponding steaming time in minutes. All the water filled for steaming may actually goes into the steamed food which means the more water used for the steaming process, the longer time it requires, at the same time, wetter steamed/ blended food it yields.