Purple Sweet Potatoes Dessert Soup

Sweet potatoes soup

“Take this Low GI, Low GL and Relatively Low Calories Dessert!”

I like sweet potatoes in baked, boiled, steamed, soup, and even fried styles. My girl likes sweet potato, too, but she likes only the purple flesh.

So, I had to have purple sweet potatoes in this sweet soup. I cooked it with less sugar added. I used honey rock sugar which is good for smoothen dry throat, reduce “heatiness” and improve skin and complexion. To add better flavour to my sweet soup, I like to use pandan leaf. It gives an aroma of pandan in my palate when having this soup.

Something I wish to highlight, traditionally, the yellow and orange sweet potatoes are more suitable to cook in soup as the purple flesh type is softened easier than other types. So, to my experience, do not over boil them. Note that the colour of the soup will turn to purplish due to the purple flesh sweet potato. The longer it cooked, the darker purplish soup will be. Hence, do not be alarmed. It gives an uniquely nice colour to this dessert without affecting its taste indeed.

It’s dessert time! Easy steps for mouth-watering sweet potato dessert. Let’s start:

2 regular yellow flesh sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into smaller piece, as desired
2 regular purple flesh sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into small piece, as desired
2 card-size honey rock sugar (or normal rock sugar, if desired)
4 leafs of pandan leaf, washed and tie all into a knot
1 thick slice of ginger (about 1 cm thick)
1 pot of water (about 1500ml)

1) Bring a pot of water to boil. Put in yellow flesh sweet potatoes, and bring to boil again.

2) Reduce heat to simmer, for 10 min. Add in purple flesh potatoes, ginger, pandan leave and rock sugar.

3) Simmer for another 15 min, or until sweet potatoes soften. Serve hot.

Many people has this perception that sweet potato is high-carbohydrate food. In fact, the carbs value content of sweet potato is much lesser than in white rice by almost half the carbs value. Sweet potato is low in GI, and relatively low in calories. It is also high in nutrients especially Vitamin A which is good for eyes for children. Sweet potato is a better alternative to rice. I like to cook the sweet potatoes with plain porridge for lunch or dinner, and add low-fat milk to the steamed sweet potatoes to eat as breakfast. It’s simply wonderful!

A regular bowl of sweet potato soup here counts about 170kcal.

Tips: Add more sugar, as desired.
*Remove the pandan leaf and/ or ginger slice earlier, if mild flavour preferred.
* Sweet potatoes will disintegrate if over boiled.
* Add yellow flesh first, and then purple flesh as the purples one softens faster than the yellow or orange ones.
*Choose different colour flesh, as desired.

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