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Pomelo Cocktail Salad

Pomelo Cocktail Fruits Salad

In Festive Gourmet, Low-Fat, Recipe, Sides On September 19, 2010 1 Comment

“Serve this festive salad this coming Mid-Autumn Festival!” Heavy meals, overeating, indigestion, often associated with festive celebrations. As one of our Chinese festival, Mid-Autumn aka Moon Cake Festival,… Read More »

Tom Yum Prawn Spaghetti Pasta

Tom Yum Yogurt Cream Spaghetti Pasta

In 1-dish Meal, Low-Fat, Recipe, Rice & Noodles On August 7, 2010 5 Comments

“Place where Thai meets West” Be sure to serve this mild spicy and refreshing pasta dish with the freshest seafood like large prawns, mussels or squids, and you… Read More »

Apple salad with yogurt dressing

Simply Healthy Green & Red Apples Salad in Yogurt Dressing

In Low-Fat, Recipe, Sides On September 1, 2009 0 Comments

“Delicious Apples meal make me healthy!” Actually I like green apple. However, my little one does not as it tastes a little sourish, to her. How to make… Read More »

Steamed marble cheese cake

(Low-Fat) Marble Yogurt Cheese Cake

In Cakes and Bread, Low-Fat, Recipe, Sweet Savoury On June 25, 2009 8 Comments

“Cottony soft steam-baked yogurt cheese cake. A healthy & savoury treat for you & your loved ones!” Cheese cake is almost everyone’s favourite dessert! I had my non-baked… Read More »

Fried Prawn with cheese topping

Fried Prawns Fritters with Fruity Cheese Topping

In Main, Recipe, Vegetables & Fruits On August 2, 2008 6 Comments

“Indulge your taste buds with a treat of this cheesy and fruity fried prawns dish.” I had leftover mozzarella cheese in my refrigerator. Did not want to keep… Read More »

Cheese cake

No Bake (Low-Fat) Yogurt Cheese Cake

In Cakes and Bread, Low-Fat, Recipe, Sweet Savoury On July 24, 2008 26 Comments

“A luscious No-bake Low-Fat Yogurt Cheese Cake with Easy-Making Steps. You may try it anytime, any day!” Yogurt is one of the staple food in my refrigerator. To… Read More »

Mango Yogurt with Chunks

Fresh Mango-Yogurt with Mango Chunks in the Glass

In Drinks, Low-Fat, Recipe, Sweet Savoury On June 20, 2008 0 Comments

“Make for your children, they will sure love it and HEALTHY dessert! Your hubby, and loved ones, too!” Craving for dessert after dinner? Hmm… cut-fruits – boring, cakes… Read More »