Corriander and Century Egg Soup

“Super easy soup recipe that yields super delicious soup of one of its kinds.”

You might hate eating food with coriander, and also find it weird and unimaginable to have century eggs cooked in soup… but that’s not the case in this soup dish.. Such combination in my soup might sounds unappealing but it’s indeed very aromatic and delicious to be consumed. And don’t be surprised, this is one of the most popular options of hot pot soup base to be ordered in many hotpot restaurants in Hong Kong. I was initially in doubt with such soup option, too, but looking at so many of the reviews of experienced diners, they actually well commented and recommended this soup base for hotpot meal. Hence, I think it won’t go wrong to go with the choice of majority, esp the locals’ recommendation. I tried the soup when first time I had my hotpot meal in Hong Kong’s restaurant named Tao Heung. And, it surprised me pleasantly. It was such a delicious soup with natural aromas and sweetness yielded from the corianders and century eggs in the soup!

I couldn’t find this soup when back to Singapore. So, I thought I should try making this impressive soup dish at home. And, here’s the positive result yielded from my home-cooking Coriander & Century Egg Soup!

Besides its refreshing aromas, you wont actually taste much of the coriander from the soup. It’s not obvious. And this soup yields natural sweetness with both the main ingredients as well as an addition of water chestnuts that for sure satisfy your taste bud. With the addition of water chestnuts, this soup provides better cooling effects, at the same time, adds natural sweetness to it.

If you are century egg or coriander lover, don’t hesitate to cook this soup dish which was well-liked by my family even my girl who doesn’t take any of these two ingredients, she loved drinking this aromatic soup though.

Serves 3 – 4
2 century eggs, cut into wedges
A bunch of coriander leaves (also named Chinese parsley or cilantro), trimmed root and rinsed
10 pieces of water chestnuts, peeled and soaked in water for 1 hour
1 large meat bone or bony pork ribs
1 chicken stock cube
½ teaspoon of salt
Pinch of grounded white pepper

A pot of water, 80% filled (about 1500ml)

1) Bring a pot of water to a boil over high heat. Add in meat bone, chestnuts, and dissolve chicken cube. Lower heat to medium-low fire to simmer for 30 minutes.

2) Add salt and pepper to taste. Place in coriander and century eggs. Simmer soup for another 10 minutes before heat off. Let the cooking stands for another couple of minutes with lid on before paddling out from the pot. Serve.

A bowl of my healthy soup served with ingredients in it counts about 150kcal. It’s healthy, it’s light, it’s flavoursome!

Tips: Century eggs can be bought off the shelves. Simply peel off the muddy layer outside its shell, and then, peel off the shell. Slice the dark century eggs into wedges. No boiling is required.
* You may like to serve some preserved ginger slices for diners who like having the century egg from the soup with ginger slices.