chicken mayo sandwich

Chicken Mayo Sandwich


“Great and easy sandwiches for your breakfast, lunch and even for a light dinner choice.”

Easy and flavorful packed breakfast. This is also great on a picnic or for an impromptu luncheon.

This sandwich I’ve made was the usual chicken Mayo with thick white bread. However, you may wish to make it more healthy to eat and lighter in calorie so that you will feel free to eat even during dieting period, use a low-fat/ light Mayonnaise which may be found off the shelves, at Cold Storage or NTUC Fairprice Finest (at Japanese product cell).

And of course, use whole wheat bread instead of plain white bread, if desired. You may get the whole wheat bread from Four Leaves. It’s cottony soft, tasty and less raw wheaty taste in the palate. Choose whole wheat instead of low-fat white bread even though whole wheat has similar calorie count as normal white bread. In fact, some whole wheat bread has slightly higher calorie than the usual white bread. However, I still think it is wise to eat more wheat bread than plain white, especially for woman.

Whole wheat is healthier, better in term of health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar, and also balancing female hormone in woman’s body.

Well, to make it lighter, we can also omit the butter spread. Why not, if you are health and weight conscious?! Smile…

See recipe:

Serves 2
4 thick slices of bread, trimmed crust all sides, white or whole wheat
A touch of butter spread

200 grams of chicken fillet, diced
2 tablespoons of Japanese mayonnaise (used low fat for healthier choice)
Pinch of salt and ground white pepper

2 leafs of baby Romaine lettuce
1 small tomato, sliced

A pot of salted water (for blanching use)

Sprinkle of grounded black pepper

1) Heat a pot of water over high fire. Dissolve salt in the boiling water. Add diced chicken fillet in the pot and blanch for 4 minutes, or until chicken fillet is tenderly cooked.

2) Remove from pot and drain well. Transfer fillet to a bowl, mix in mayonnaise, pepper and salt. Stir to combine well.

3) Take a slice of bread and spread some butter on it. Place bread on a flat serving dish. Top one leaf of baby lettuce follow by two slices of tomato on the lettuce. Then, spoon over 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise chicken fillet evenly on the vegetables on bread.

4) Sprinkle some black pepper on the toppings. Place another slice of bread on it. Repeat steps for another set of sandwich. When completed, cut into half or quarter to serve.

1 serving of my full Chicken Mayo Sandwich counts about 280kcal.

Variation: Choose croissant as your bread choice, for fuller and more fragrant bites. Expect more calories intake though.

Tips: Do not over boil the diced chicken fillet to retain moist and its tenderness.

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9 Responses

  1. Hi Agnes,

    The sandwich is good till lunch hour or even late afternoon even if the filling is already mixed with mayonnaise, if you keep the sandwich in the fridge.

  2. I intend to pack n let my son bring go sch so putting it in a fridge is out of qns. Does it mean that I’ll hv to buy another bottle of mayo and this time round keep it in the cupboard not in the fridge?

  3. Hi Agnes,

    Oh I thought you were talking about the made ready sandwich with mayo chicken filling. You were referring to the bottle of Mayo as to whether keep in the fridge or shelve.

    If the mayo is opened, keep it refrigerated. And, you may use it to make your mayo chicken sandwich for your son to bring to school. The chilled mayo in the sandwich and will not be kept in the fridge till afternoon before consumption, is FINE.

    Need not to buy another bottle.

    Hope I got your queries answered correctly this time.

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