Fried Bitter Gourd & Fish Balls Soup

“Special fried bitter gourd soup. Try it and you will know how great it is.”

Yeah, just the bitter gourd and fish balls, this soup relies on these ingredients for a last-minute explosion of its natural flavours. Simple, simple, simple. It’s all about simplicity, just like my principal concept of managing things. Simply, but never tolerate on the essentiality in nutritional values. I thought vegetables and fish balls are good enough to make up a vegetable-and-protein dish. Moreover, it’s boiled in soup.

Low-fat, healthy and, it was delicious, but…. yet, not ‘so’ low-fat. Why? In order to make the bitter gourd more flavourful and easy to drink in soup (to make the soup taste more robust and not-so-bitter), I pan-fried the bitter gourd. Yes, extra oil has been loaded on with the additional step here. However, these fried bitter gourds did make the soup much more flavourful, on the other hand… We really liked it alot! More

Assorted Clear Soup(什锦清汤)

“Delicious and $$ Saving Clear Soup with assorted balls and vegetables”

Nothing very fantastic, but a decent soup dish for the family. Just trying to improvise a dinner dish with yesterday’s leftover food ingredients in my refrigerator. This is one of the way keeping my refrigerator ‘free’ from space, and reducing wastage of food and $$ (chuckling).

I think it is ideal to just try your best to clear up whatever you have in your refrigerator. Make some nice dishes out of it, using the same ingredients, but came out with different food, is the ultimate challenge, you think so?? More