The Way To Get The Daily Consumables You Need

“Have your daily foodstuff delivered to your doorstep right away!

My kitchen pantry is always waiting to get stocked with the essentials. The first step to home cooking is to stock up the kitchen pantry with these basic yet essential food staples. They are nothing more than rice, oil, eggs and sugar. These 4 basic consumables allow me to fix up a quick meal or dessert at any time.

Unless you enjoy every single trip down to the supermarket, online purchase of just these simple basic food staples makes a great deal of sense.

Kong Que Foodstuff, a Singapore based online grocery marketplace, offers “out-of-this-world” prices on their daily consumables that every household needs.

As a food blogger and one who loves to cook, the quality of every food item is something I wouldn’t compromise with. For the same reason, I do not mind having these food necessities from Kong Que Foodstuff. Every item offered by them is comparable, at lower cost.

The comfort of getting from Kong Que the ingredients needed for my daily cooking and baking, I started to cook and bake even more often now! Not only I had my Kaya, cakes and rice dishes cooked with the foodstuff delivered from Kong Que, even the dishes showcased in the recent cooking variety program on Channel 8 I have participated in one of episodes were cooked with the eggs and sugar from them. The dishes turned out really great!

LS Premium Peacock Rice Grain:
I personally liked the Lon Sen Peacock rice (from their parent company) the most. The quality of the cooked rice is really ideal, making it easy for me to experiment all kinds of rice dishes as well as eating it on its own with dishes. The texture of the cooked rice is soft and fluffy, indeed.

I do like about their way of selling in bulks as that’s the way Kong Que could ensure that their prices will be kept mindbogglingly low. In addition to the low price, their door to door free & fast delivery to island-wide is a bonus to the customers. Remember, they accept only cash upon delivery, at the moment.

If you do cook or bake a lot, like me, I recommend this online groceries platform to you.

Something about Kong Que Foodstuff:
Kong Que Foodstuff is an online marketplace which provide low price food staples for every household so that we could get the necessary effortlessly. They welcome feedback from you in order to work better along the way, including their plan of expanding their shopping list.


Info: =&1=&
Raw eggs in shell can be stored 3-5 weeks in refrigerator. :)

Stir-Fried Milk (炒鲜奶)

Post & Recipe in English and Chinese (中英食谱)

“=&0=&Stir-Fried Milk or Steamed Milk Dish, both are the best dishes you shouldn’t missed! 跟我在电视节目上煮的一样。不论是炒鲜奶还是蒸鲜奶,两种做法都是你不能错过的好佳肴!

Once again, thank you for watching the cooking program, <Hey Chef! S2>, on Channel 8, which I had the honor to take part in one of the great episodes. From this experience, I learned to master this (century old) legendary Chinese dish and some special dishes which easily resemble at home. (Thank you thank you)

If you would like to cook these healthy yummy milk dishes, here I have the video in Toggle, for your reference:
<Hey Chef!S2 ~ EP 4>

Recipe in writing as well as my way of mastering it thru Chef Pung is also shared here:


















A serving of my healthy delicious stir fried milk with seafood counts about 100kcal. Steamed milk counts about 80kcal.

I would like to thank also my guests who rendered their support and time to attend my food tasting session during the filming. Siew Jun of Monniker Cafe, and Daphnie Chong.

Tips: Try using the thicker type of cling wrap which meant for steaming purpose. It’s easily available at major supermarket.
* Put the milk dish to steam only when the water is rolling boiled.
* Toppings of seafood is added by choice and preference. Personally think it elevates the overall flavor of the dish.
* Pat dry prawns before marinating is the key to successful marination.
* To yield bouncy effect of the prawns, soak prawns in iced water and keep refrigerated for several hours.

* 蒸鲜奶时,等水烧滚后才把盘放进锅里蒸。
* 海鲜用料只是按个人喜好和选择而加的。本身觉得它能提升这道菜肴的整体味道。
* 腌制虾成功的关键在于腌制前必须把虾抹干水分。
* 想达到虾肉QQ的效果,把虾浸泡在冰水里冷藏数小时。

Easy Wholesome Baked Egg Pie Recipe with Boxgreen Snacks

It’s already so tasty to eat the snacks on its own, but adding them into cooking makes your dish truly an irresistible one.

Snacking is a healthy way to keep your waistline in check, but only snacking with the right food does. All my readers know I love food. So, snacking and tea-time are unavoidable to me. Many of us do snack on nuts and crackers, and of course, we want to have the most tasty yet healthy option when doing so. Yes, get the right snack food.

Boxgreen, a one-stop shop for healthy and delicious snacks, offers more than 50 mouthwatering options. They bring snacking to the masses in the most hassle-free way possible. Yes, simply purchase your snacks on BOXGREEN.

If you like the snacks to be delivered to you on regular basis, create a subscription account with them. Choose your snacks choices as well as subscription options of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly delivery. BoxGreen will mail your snackbox to you accordingly and promptly. More

My Valentine’s All-Day Breakfast

“Romantic coffee pancakes with smoked salmon, cheesy scrambled egg & flowers.”

Valentine’s Day is always romantic. Though we hope that everyday is just as great as the festive day itself, but who doesn’t wish it to be a little more special and memorable, and simply to mark the day.

If cooking dinner is not for you, you want to be brought to romantic candle-lit dinner, don’t you? Still, wish to do something for your loved one, how about a fanciful breakfast yo kick start your romantic day?

Don’t be deceived by the extensive steps I have listed for you in my recipe. I got my sets done within an hour,  really. :)














Happy Valentine’s Day!

A serving counts about 450kcal.


Tips: Adjust the amount of milk in pancake batter. Its consistency cannot be too watery.
* Dried flowers can be purchased from supermarket, Chinese medical halls in shopping mall, and of course, organic tea shops.
* Lavender buds are strong in flavor, go easy on the garnishing.
* Instead of individual cheese, may use mixed cheese or pasta cheeses which is readily packed from supermarkets.