Cold Brew Butterfly Pea Tea (Great Blue Pea Water) 冷泡蝶豆花茶 

Your daily dosage of super water

Cold Brew” to retain maximum nutrients in this powerful flower tea. 

Yes, it is not necessary to make flower tea with hot water. Instead, cold brewing makes your tea healthier. For daily drinking, unless you need potent butterfly pea juice (for adding into other beverages and cooking purpose), boiling is needed to extract its maximum concentrate, an infused butterfly pea water is good enough. 

Dried flowers can store better and longer.

Edible butterfly pea flower is well known healthy. From my understanding, it helps in promoting healthier eyes, skin and hair. Rich in antioxidant to delay aging, fight against body free radical (and hence, reducing risk of getting cancer and illnesses), and regulate blood sugar in body. There should be much more than these, in fact. 

I love it’s versatility in cooking, be it in baking, cooking, and, making drinks.  To save hassle, I drink it like a tea, or even simpler, water. 

Its taste is subtle, almost plain. Hence, its versatile and can be added into different beverages.

冷冲泡”的花茶可以更好的保留它的营养成分。是的,每天饮用的蓝谍豆茶没有必要用热滚水泡。 相反的,冷泡让花茶更健康。除非需用到浓花汁,就得把蓝花煮沸以提取浓汁(浓汁可以加入其他饮料炮制或烹调料理),每天喝的,浸泡蝶豆水就足够了,能省事,更方便日常饮用保养。

蝶豆花以健康着称。 据我了解,它有助于促进视力、皮肤和头发的健康。 富含抗氧化剂(多来之其青花素),可延缓衰老,对抗体内自由基(从而降低患癌症和疾病的风险),并调节体内血糖。 事实上,健康好处应该不止这些的。

无论是烘焙、烹饪还是制作饮料,我喜欢它在烹饪方面的多功能用途。 为了省事,我把它当作茶喝,甚至更简单的,水。

Chilled blue flower lemon tea is great to be indulged everyday, especially hot days.

Yields 1 large jar (2L)


2 litres of room temperature or warm water 

1 tablespoon dried butterfly pea flower (abt 5 grams)

When serving: 1-2 slices of fresh lemon 


Rinse dried butterfly pea flower once. Place in jar. Pour water and let it steep in refrigerator overnight (or until water turns blue). To serve, add 1-2 slices of lemon in chilled blue water. Blue pea water will turn purple, magically. :)

制一大壶 (约2公升)


2公升 室温或温水

1汤匙 干蝶豆花

饮用时:1-2片 新鲜柠檬


将干蝶豆花冲洗一次。 放在水壶里。 倒入水,让它在冰箱中浸泡一夜(或直到水变成蓝色)。 饮用时,加入1-2 片柠檬。 蓝豌豆水会神奇地变成紫色。请享用健康冷饮! :)

Adding slice of lemon (lightly squeezed to extract lemon juice) makes better taste and romantic purple in this super water. I love it!

Dried butterfly pea flower is available in chinese medicine shops. 1 cup of blue water literally counts zero calorie! 


Tips: It tastes just like water, if prefers sweeter taste, dissolve honey in the water, before placing in the fridge to chill. 


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