One of the Best Wellness Retreats in Phuket Resort 


The mind wellness knowledge and skills gained from the program by Amatara Wellness Resort are far-reaching. And it’s also a gourmet paradise! ”

Admiring the stunning sunset view from the main reception

When we think of Thailand, especially Phuket, all we can imagine is… beach, sea, yummy food and…. resort. I have visited many resorts around the world, but none of these were made with a specific purpose in mind. A good friend of mine, who shares my same outlook on life, wanted to do something beneficial to our well-being. Her recommendation was to stay at Amatara Wellness Luxury Resort, which offered various detox programs. A wide array of wellness programs is available on their list, including body detox, juice detox, slimming, yoga, fitness training, and etc, we opted for a full board MIND detox package. I am glad we did.  

Goal-oriented retreat, we strive to have our mind detoxed and boost our overall well being.

We spent 5 days at the resort with a 3-night mind detox program. First and last day were our free and easy (just booked the room and breakfast). All meals, airport transfer, and customized activities were included in the full board package, so we could enjoy our days worry-free. Save the stress of having to decide what to eat and do every day. Lol

Being first timers, we were excited about the wellness program and looking forward to the retreat. Our program began with an arrival body analysis by wellness program in-charge, Dr Jitendra (Dr Jitu). Although we were uncertain about what to expect, his calm and reliable appearance gave us a sense of security. Dr Jitu conducted our health assessment personally, and he patiently explained and answered all our questions about our physical wellness, body condition, and some dos and don’ts, from a professional standpoint. 

Check out the video for a full view of the Ocean Pavilion guest room, and also the extensive choice of buffet breakfast, and etc.

Our photos and video depict enjoyment and gratitude during our stay. And I would like to share my experience of the trip covering most aspects, based on my personal experience and opinion.

Location of the Resort

For the uninitiated, Amatara is located in the south of Phuket. It’s about an hour car ride from the international airport to the resort. Amatara provides complimentary airport transfer in a comfortable minibus. Walked out from the airport arrival gate, we turned right to reach the “Hotel Pick Up” and I saw the chauffeur carrying cardboard with my name on it. 

Hotel pick up. Simply email the reservation to inform them our arriving flight details before the trip.

The Ambiance of the Resort

Simply beautiful. It was low-tide in the evening, from the other side of the resort.

If you like sunset, Amatara offers a stunning and picturesque “sunset by the sea” environment, experiencing it from both the main reception area and the private room (which we used for our daily meditation). It yields a romantic feeling in us while enjoying the serenity.

Plus the fact that there weren’t many guests during the weekday, and some manageable crowds during the weekend, the entire stay was simply relaxed. 

Cleanliness and Condition of the Resort and Room 

Clear mirror image in water, no filter, simply beautiful.
Welcome drinks upon arrival at the main front reception, and many pre-activity blue pea lemon water served at the spa lounge reception during our stay.

Spacious, neat, clean. Our spacious and well-equipped Ocean Pavilion room with a huge balcony was comfortable. Besides the basic amenities, we also enjoyed the expresso coffee machine, tea bags, plenty of bottled water, sea salt for the bathtub, beach slippers, and beach tote bag (to be used within the resort). The air conditioning was super cold for us (which might be another plus point for some guests), we ended up sleeping with just the fan on and still needed a blanket on us. Haha. Here’s my youtube video showing you the entire guest room.

King bed with separate mattresses and blankets put together for the non-couple guests. ><

The hotel staff ushered us to our guest room and showed us around the room.

Living area with a day bed and welcome fruits.
Pantry cupboard. With wellness package, we were also offered a goodie bag filled with some healthy juices and oat milk, etc.
Beach slippers, tote bag for leisure and use within the resort.
Super huge bath tub.

The resort was clean, and there were janitors sweeping and cleaning the resort everywhere. Room and facilities, in general, were not in new condition, but they were well kept and adequate.

This time, though, we didn’t take advantage of the resort’s complimentary kayaking and standing pedal sea sports since our daily schedule was pretty much packed. 

An hour advance booking is required.

Enjoying the infinity pool with warm comfortable water temperature, is a must to do here. We literally had the entire pool to ourselves. :)

Wellness Program and Diet

Sound bowl for mind healing, which I absolutely adore.

The wellness package as well as the meeting of Dr Jitu was the highlight of our retreat. We never felt so appreciated anywhere else.

Dr Jitendra (Dr Jitu) shared his pre-meditation briefing, we were there to unwind our stress and anxiety.

From how patiently Dr Jitu guided us on the meditation and mindfulness sessions, to how clearly he had explained to us what meditation is, also the derivation and purpose of practising it regularly, we instantly felt an elevated vibe in our meditation practices with the better knowledge obtained. Dr also shared his family background, making it a 2-way communication. We felt like we were already an old friend to him. :)

Daily yoga, twice a day, as part of the wellness activities, held at the outdoor yoga deck facing the sea. Unwinding anxiety…. Zen~

Our daily activities include morning and evening yoga sessions, different types of meditation guided by Dr Jitu (before lunch), 60-minute massage & spa therapy (usually after lunch), a pyhsio check up, wellness talks, plus a precious healing sound bowl session as well as a pre-departure body analysis checkup on the last day. 

Our daily massage room.
A personal service rendered by the therapist before our spa begins.
We had a 60-minutes Indian head massage with warmed coconut oil used on our head. It is absolutely something wouldn’t be on our bucket list if it wasn’t assigned in the program. We felt fortunate to be able to try this out. Our hair, too, was smooth and nourished. :) Lovely~
Ginger tea served after spa.
Thoughtful Dr Jitu worries we will feel body ache for sitting up an hour long and affect our focus during meditation as beginners. He prepared the lying down position for us.

Doing meditation in the quiet and spacious air-conditioned room, with the guidance sounding from Dr Jitu’s calming and soothing voice, it made me feel like I was nearing nirvana. Om……… 

During our free time in between the tailored activities, we chanced upon their soap, lip balm and candle making workshop. Since both of us like to use organic soap, we were curious to find out more… It was really fun!

Didn’t know we could do this easily.. Just THB1500++ for 2 participant to discover our other talent… Lol
Organic soap made from scratch, from soap making to decoration. A must-do hands-on workshop.
Made with love by good friend
Buffet breakfast with an additional offer of wellness menu at Siri Restaurant which is also the dinner venue. :)
We were pampered and spoilt at the same time, by the extensive choice of both healthily delicious and sinfully great tasting food every morning. Check out my video for the full view of buffet breakfast we had.

Food! Good food! Happy that we did not come here with the goal of shedding weight, neither did we choose the strict juice diet program. No way not to feast in this gourmet paradise, and we never felt more happy to dine in just at the resort at all time! Yes, we were absolutely thrilled to be able to enjoy the upscaled gastronomy here. That’s what this resort is well known for, too…. the food.

Every meal is just so ”instagrammable”.

Irresistible yummy Thai food available here, our full board provides breakfast buffet, 2-course lunch (inclusive of wellness menu) with healthy juice, and 3-course dinner with choice of still or sparking water. Though it is not free flow meal like some other hotels offer, I am glad that they provide proper sit-down meals instead. The quality & taste of the food, and generous serving of each course are incomparable. 

Restaurant Scene, with outdoor tables facing the sea. Dining with view, and it’s also an instagram worthy place.

Since we are offered a wellness menu during lunch at Scene & Senses restaurant, we went for healthier western food from the wellness menu and had normal restaurant menu on the last day of the program. One appetiser/ soup and main dish, or main dish with dessert for each guest. All the food here were simply……… indescribably great. 
Quality seafood main. This is one of the wellness dishes. Healthier yet superlicious!
Another wellness meal. Free range chicken fillet with mango salsa topping. This is surely one of my favorite dishes here.
On our 3rd lunch, we realized that we were free to choose from their standard menu as well… Here we go for the 100% tasty Pad Thai! Aww….
Tuna Tataki with soy sauce dressing. We had this 2 days in a roll…. It is not difficult to tell why…. ><
Dark chocolate cake. Not overly sweet. I wish I could have it again! Yum~
Cheese cake, and again, their dessert is never too sweet. Opinion comes from a person with very low sweet tolerance like me. :)
Banana magnum. For the sweet tooth, if the rest are not sweet enough for you, go for this. :)
Afterall, this is a wellness program. We try to go on balance diet and stick to their well-designed menu, at least for the wellness drinks. I had the “super grassy” potent wheatgrass shot, feeling like all the toxins were flushed out of my body instantly. Lol
Their wellness meals have certainly exceeded our expectation. It’s simply an enjoyment to the palate.

As for dinner, they serve it at the same breakfast restaurant, Siri.

Restaurant Siri, our daily breakfast place as well as dinner venue. Was looking forward to every meal.

Though it supposed to be a 3-course meal for each guest individually, the food were mainly Thai dishes where we can each order an appetiser, soup and 2 main dishes to go with white rice, and do a meal sharing like normal sit down dinner for the two of us.  
We had no idea what the serving portions would be like on the first day. And there we ordered one whole fish each as our main dish. Yet, we were happy with the orders we had. And we managed to finish them all as it was too delicious not to. :)
Super huge prawns, wok-fried with chili and salted spice. We had no regret indulging this particular prawn dish 2 nights in a roll, despite plenty of other food choices. Get ready more rice for this!
Their signature fish dish. Deep fried grouper in sweet Nam Pla sauce, served with Thai mango salad. Did I not tell you that we had this, again, consecutively 2 nights. Shhh… ><
Steamed grouper in Chinese style light soy sauce. Equally yummy. 😋
Refreshing Thai papaya salad as appetizer.
Seafood Tom Yum Goong, but I think Tom Kha Gai (Chicken Coconut Soup) taste much better here. So nice that we forgot to take photo. Yeah, not all food photos were shown, too many. :)
Of course, Thai mango with glutinous rice is a must.
Coconut ice cream with various choices of topping.
And the coconut sponge cake was not too sweet and just so yummy. The dessert menu is not extensive, but most items taste great!
Yes! They served my favorite sparkling water.
Fresh coconut juice is not part of the package, but it is too good to miss its freshness and natural sweetness of the juice. THB150 each.

Price of the Wellness Program for 2 THB82200 (~SGD3300) for 3-night full board wellness program in Ocean Pavilion room for 2 pax. THB5130 (~SGD205) for 1 night Ocean Pavilion room with buffet breakfast for 2 pax.

Due to the nature of our job, my good friend and I think that mind detox program would boost our well being. We have gained knowledge and skills from this program didn’t just end upon the completion of the retreat, we are sure to carry them with us and exercise the meditation skills for many years to come. 

THB2500-3500 for a 5-hr vehicle with chauffeur.

On the last day of our trip, we checked out the resort by noon to go sightseeing and shopping. We hired the same driver who picked us up at the airport for 5 hours, before sending us to the air port for our late evening flight back home.

The Big Buddha, about 30 minutes car ride from the resort.
Part of the Big Buddha visit.
Wat Chalong, 查龍寺, located not far from The Big Buddha, another popular sightseeing and visit for both the locals and tourists.
Huge luxury shopping mall with two wings, Central Phuket. Most international brands are found here. We shopped there for 3 hours.
Thailand local branded. Found something we liked.
Retreat to Phuket, Thailand

It was a wonderful experience to spend time at Amatara, and we would like to come back for a wellness retreat on a yearly basis, if possible. If I were to rate this trip, it was almost impeccable, to me.

Disclaimers: This post is written based on personal experience and opinion. It is not a sponsored post.

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