Lung Nourishing Coconut White Fungus Herbal Chicken Soup (润肺椰子白木耳药材鸡汤)

Easy, tasty, healthy, lungs clearing…

“Food of five elements. Gold is white. Will white food really help in nourishing our lungs?” 


White color food helps in lungs strengthening. Nourishing, clearing, strengthening, reducing heat in lung, and as lung coughing remedy. 

Some of these herbs and food that helps in strengthening our lungs often appear in my cookings, which I have also included in my lung-nourishing coconut chicken herbal soup. 



Herbs are easily purchased from neighborhood chinese medical shop snd supermarkets. 药材佐料在邻里商场的中药铺和超市就能买得到了。
Video for recipe: Coconut white fungus herbal chicken soup and why white food for lungs? Watch this here.
视频食谱介绍: 椰子白木耳药材鸡汤食谱加营养大全分享,请看视频。

Written Recipe below:

Serve 1


1 chunk of snow fungus, cut small pieces and trimmed away its hard part

1 large fresh coconut (with its content) 

1 piece chicken drumstick, skinned

2 dried oysters, soaked for 15min 

Marination for chicken drumstick (A):

1 teaspoon of light soy sauce 

Dash of sesame oil 

Dash of white pepper 


5-10 pcs of Solomon’s Seal Rhizome (Yu Zhu) 

1 small stick Korean ginseng root

2 slices of licorice (Gan Cao) 

1-2 red dates 

Handful of almonds 

Handful of wolfberries 

 Snow pear, white radish, Chinese Bell Flower Root (Ju Geng),  Sichuan Fritillaria (Chuan Bei Mu).. are all the great “white” food ingredients for lungs. May add some, if desired.
雪梨,白萝卜,桔梗,川贝母.. 都是清肺止咳的白色食材。可以随意少量加入。



1朵 白木耳,剪碎

1个 青椰子(含果肉和水)

1个 中型鸡腿,去皮


盐 适量 


酱青    1茶匙

麻油    少许

白胡椒粉    少许


玉竹    5-10片

高丽参    1小支

甘草    1-2片

红枣    1-2颗

南北杏 少許

枸杞    适量


(1) Marinate chicken drumstick with seasoning (A) for 15min. 

(2) Rinse the dried oysters and set aside for later. 

(3) Carefully cut open the top of the coconut husk. Empty its coconut water into a bowl, set aside for later. Use a metal spoon to scrape out the coconut flesh inside, set aside for later. 

(4) In an emptied coconut shell, put in the herbs, marinated chicken drumstick and dried oysters. 

(5) Add salt to taste. Slowly fill in with the coconut water until full. (May mix with water if prefer milder sweetness in the soup) 

(6) Fill the large pot with 1/3 level of water. Place filled coconut in it. 

(7) Cover the pot, turn on high heat and let coconuts simmer for 1.5 to 2hr. Just make sure always have water in the pot throughout the double boiling process. Once ready, serve immediately.

Use young coconut if want to eat the coconut flesh, double boil the soup in coconut husk adds nutritional value to the soup by extraction of nutrients from the husk itself.



(2) 冲洗浸泡过的蚝豉,备用。

(3) 小心撬开椰子顶部。将椰子内的水倒入碗中,备用。用湯匙把椰子肉刮出來,备用。

(4) 在倒空的椰子壳中,放入备好的药材材料,腌制好的鸡腿,2个蚝豉。

(5) 加入少许的盐。慢慢加入椰子水。(不喜欢太甜的汤头,可以选择用开水参半来煮)

(6) 往大锅里倒入1/3的水。将装满的椰子放在大锅里。

(7) 盖好锅,打开大火,让椰子炖煮1.5至2小时。记得要确保在炖煮的过程中,锅中不可干水。炖好后熄火,上桌食用。

Use large coconut to fill in more ingredients and soup. Extend double boiling timing, if so. 加长炖的时间,如果用的椰子较大。

1 bowl of nourishing coconut chicken herbal soup counts less than 200kcal. 

1 碗清甜美味的椰子药材鸡汤也不多于200卡路里。

Double Boiling method is better?

As coconut husk is thick, double boiling with the coconut submerged in the boiling water to cook is more ideal than doing the steaming method. and why double boiling, and not directly cook in the pot?

Double boiled (炖) is not referring to boiling two times, but to layer the pots, by having the inner pot submerging within the outer pot of boiling water. This is to avoid the cooking to come in contact with direct fire. So as to retain more nutrients in the cooking better with its more gentle way of cooking. In my recipe, I used coconut shell as the “inner pot”. The use of coconut shell actually helps in adding some of its nutritional value into the soup through the double boiling process. However, to simplify the soup cooking, you may also choose to omit the coconut shell and use simply any ceramic/ metal pot you want to serve your soup at home. Easy.

I will just boil in pot for easy extra servings, if I have guests to serve at home. :)



Five Elements Food Therapy really works?

Traditional Chinese medicine and metaphysics, both learnt and believed in using “five elements vs five colors” diet therapy. Personally, I did benefit from the practice. After all, daily well balanced diet is what we are looking at.



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