Honey Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup (地瓜甜姜汤)

Hot sweet dessert soup in cold rainy weather. Anyone?

”Rainy day goodies – sweet sweet potato sweet gingery soup. Yea! 雨天救星,甜甜姜汤地瓜甜汤,耶!”

What’s better than having a bowl of steaming hot sweet potato in ginger soup, to warm our body in cold rainy day…. 

For ladies, don’t forget to load it with red dates and dried longan! It helps to strengthen immunity system, increase blood circulation as well as enhance our sleep quality. 

Just cook it all in one pot, that’s easy for a sweet indulgence like this! 

雨天不愁,来碗番薯汤水吧!女士们,姜汤里要还多多红枣桂圆的呀…… 红枣可以加强人体免疫力和补血益气,而桂圆干能促进更好的睡眠质量!


That’s no fixed rule on the ingredients and its respective amount. It’s flexible! 材料随意添加!

Serves 4 
2 regular sized honey sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks 
6-8 red dates, rinsed and pitted 
20-30g dried longan (more, if desired), soaked 
2-3 thick slices of ginger (thumb-sized with skin intact), lightly bruised  
1 palm-sized honey rock sugar
1 pot of water (about 1500ml)

2个 蜂蜜地瓜 (番薯), 去皮切成块
6-8颗 红枣, 清洗去核
20-30克 龙眼干(如果需要,可以加更多), 浸泡
2-3厚片 姜(拇指般大小, 连皮), 拍打
1大块 蜂蜜冰糖
1锅 水(约1500毫升)

Bring a pot of water to a boil over high heat, add ginger, red dates and dried longan to cook for 20 minutes. Add sweet potatoes and rock sugar, and bring them to a boil again. Reduce heat to medium fire, simmer for 15 minutes, or until sweet potatoes just soften. Serve hot. 


Honey sweet potato with yellow flesh 黄肉蜜糖番薯

Honey sweet potato is one of the best options for soup cooking as it stays in shape even after long boiling. Unlike orange flesh sweet potato which has firmer texture and will not disintegrate easily too, but honey sweet potato tastes much sweeter and yields smoother mouthfeel.



Ginger choice? Feel free to use both old and young ginger. Old ginger might be too pungent and spicy for some people, but it keeps your body warmer. 

Will you feel it’s too heaty to consume too much old ginger and red dates? My tricks: Simply remove the pit in red dates and retain old ginger skin. It will help to eliminate the additional heatiness! 👌

你会问……姜…… 要用生姜或老姜?其实都行。老姜会比生姜来得辣一点而已,不过更能驱寒保暖。那老姜会热气吗?不怕不怕,煮汤时,红枣去核,老姜皮留下(皮刮清干净即可),便能减轻燥热。👌

Honey rock sugar 蜜糖冰糖

Honey rock sugar, yellow rock sugar, crystal rock sugar. Any type is just fine. My preference is always the honey rock sugar. :)

蜜糖冰糖,黄冰糖,水晶冰糖…… 都行。我的最爱还是蜜糖的。:)

Tips: If you like the aroma of Pandan leaves, go ahead to add them! 
*All ingredients are found in major supermarkets.

* 材料都可以在超市购买到。

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